Top 7 Benefits of Full Frame Illumination

Top 7 Benefits of Full-Frame Illumination

Full-Frame Illumination is an Advanced Infrared Technology. This cutting-edge, light-emitting illumination technology offers better low-light and nighttime surveillance capabilities than standard IR technology, and numerous other benefits.

The 7 main benefits of Full-Frame Illumination (FFI) are:

1. Produces Clearer Images

FFI produces a larger illumination spread, resulting in a crisper, clearer image across the entire scene.

2. Illuminates a Wider Area

Disperses IR light more effectively, resulting in a wider illumination spread, to cover a larger area while producing a properly-illuminated image.

3. Produces a Uniform Image

The IR LEDs produce IR light that not only travels a further distance but also creates a uniformly illuminated image across the entire screen which is ideal for widescreen HD security cameras.

4. Eliminates Hot Spots

Reduces overexposure at the center of the image to balance the contrast within a scene and eliminate hot spots. FFI produces crisp, evenly illuminated video, without a bright circle of light (hot spot) at the center of the image, or dark corners at the edges.

5. Reduces Light Pollution and Blooming

Reduces ambient light pollution from the environment, such as from a street lamp, nearby neighbor’s floodlight, or bright full-moon. The reduction of light pollution reduces camera blooming (also referred to as the halo effect), which is the saturation of pixels due to very bright light in the area under surveillance.

6. Eliminates Video Noise

Video noise (interference in the video signal) is common in low light environments. It shows up as grainy specks in the image and can greatly affect video clarity. FFI reduces video noise to deliver clearer images in low light environments.

Eliminating video noise also reduces the load on the network, saving bandwidth and reducing video storage requirements.

7. Delivers Greater Energy Efficiency

Improves illumination efficiency, resulting in a longer product lifespan, and greater energy savings. In fact, FFI delivers 30% greater energy efficiency than standard IR LEDs.

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