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Our Commitment to Quality

Quality matters.

Quality matters to our customers, who trust our equipment to protect their businesses, homes, loved ones, and possessions.

Quality matters to YOUR employees and customers, who are counting on you to provide a safe place to work, to shop, to entertain or be entertained.

Quality matters to our team here at Supercircuits, who takes great pride in the products and services we provide, as we rely on our customers to share their positive experiences with other potential customers.

In fact, we like to think that quality matters MORE at Supercircuits… as very few security solution providers offer comparable warranties, risk-free purchasing and return policies, and unlimited US-based technical support – for every product they offer.

We offer these insurances – without hesitation – because the satisfaction of our customers is our highest priority, and because we are confident in the quality of our products, and the processes in place to ensure that our quality is never compromised.

At Supercircuits, we manage and measure EVERYTHING – including partner selection, manufacturing, QC testing, field performance and direct customer feedback – to ensure the products we offer continue to meet YOUR high expectations.

Supply Chain Management

We hold our supply chain partners to the highest standards, from our partner selection process to our 29-point supplier scorecard and quarterly business reviews.

Partner Identification – We identify the best possible partners – ensuring they have the size, scale, track record for quality, commitment to product development, and robust QC processes in place – so that we can continue to offer our customers the latest technologies, faster.

Supplier Surveys – We administer regular surveys to all of our suppliers, focused on the health and direction of the business and the company’s processes and disciplines. Quality suppliers produce quality products, which is why we start at the source and measure the company first.

Manufacturing Quality Control Process – We adhere to the highest quality control standards, and hold our partners to the same standards—throughout the manufacturing process and beyond. We test the manufactured products we receive to ensure they meet all product specifications and function as intended, before these products reach our customers.

Quarterly Business Reviews – We perform quarterly business reviews with our suppliers to ensure suppliers and products continue to meet our high standards. The ongoing review process covers the health of the business, sourcing capabilities, manufacturing, responsiveness, on-time delivery, product quality, testing results, and more. We continue to work with suppliers that meet our criteria and replace those who do not.

Supplier Scorecard – We rate our suppliers by using a multi-point product scorecard. Every supplier is rated on multiple-points in several key areas including: product, operations, supply chain and quality control.

Our in-depth supplier scorecard includes everything from order flexibility, product lead time and on-time delivery, to factory operations, product testing and failure rate, company responsiveness and more. We only work with the companies who achieve high scores and continue to meet high scores. Consistently low scores can result in us choosing another supplier.

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Product Development

Supercircuits’ in-depth product development process includes product identification, product qualification and scoring. The result is the ability to deliver the latest technology and products that meet customers’ needs and are engineered to meet the rigorous demands of around-the-clock surveillance. This process enables us to bring the latest technologies and features to market faster.

Product Identification – We perform extensive product scouting and global research to identify the best video security products and solutions to offer our customers.

Whether it’s offering the latest security technology before anyone else, or creating a unique security solution designed to solve a specific surveillance challenge – we seek out the best products and solutions available for our customers. If a product offered by a manufacturer doesn’t offer the right set of features or specifications we want for our customers – we work with manufacturers to create or adjust the product to meet that criteria.

Product Qualification – In order for products to qualify, they must adhere to our guidelines, meet our numerous qualification checklist points and be subject to extensive sample evaluation and testing at our headquarters.

Product qualification criteria can include but is not limited to:

  • Product durability (down to the component level from camera imagers, to enclosure form factor/design and more)
  • Materials and build quality (for reduced failure rate, UV coating, product longevity, etc.)
  • Product specs and features
  • Fulfills market demand and needs
  • Product testing to ensure product specs meet manufacturers specifications

Product Testing

We perform extensive in-house product testing to ensure that the products from our manufacturers and partners perform optimally — for guaranteed reliability.

Post-receive / Pre-ship Process – We test manufactured products, beginning with getting a sample of the product from the manufacturer, before it is mass produced. Our product experts thoroughly test product features and how the product operates, and ensures that the product meets the manufacturer’s specifications.

If a product doesn’t meet specs or function as intended, we inform the manufacturer to make any needed corrections. Once the shipped products are received in our warehouse, they are re-tested to ensure they operate as intended – before they reach our customers.

Product Management

We offer end-to-end product management from performing a competitive product review to complete lifecycle management.

Competitive Review – Our product managers perform a competitive review to see how our products stack up to and/or exceed other competitive products in the security market. Based on competitive review, a product offering may be adjusted to deliver greater features and capabilities or price may be adjusted to provide greater value to customers.

The competitive review is a continuous process. We constantly evaluate the products we sell and see how they compare to other products on the market. We log customer feedback from our direct sales and technical support teams to make sure our products maintain a competitive positon.

Product Life-Cycle Management – We provide complete product lifecycle management from start-to-finish— including procurement, inventory, and end-of-life. End-of-life products can result from lack of market demand or lack of component availability. We continue to support a product even after it reaches an end-of-life cycle by providing access to product documentation and technical support.

Customer Feedback

We continuously solicit customer and returns feedback from our internal support teams to ensure we are continuing to meet our customers’ needs.

Direct Sales and Technical Support – Our sales and technical support teams relay customer feedback about the products to our product managers, who work with the manufacturers to ensure the products we offer continue to meet the needs of our customers. We continually log and use customer feedback to shape next-generation products.

Direct Customer Feedback – We take direct customer feedback when applicable, and use it to incorporate changes into our products, to make those products even better and further meet customer needs. Direct feedback from our customers has a tremendous influence on product development – from performance to usability – and allows us to be more responsive to the changing needs of the market.

Returns Management – Our internal teams monitor, review and manage the returns process and product returns. They identify manufacturer product and field failures, and address areas of improvement to minimize return rates and enhance customer satisfaction.