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  1. Learn About Our Video Security System Components

    Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) Our DVRs feature the latest in H.264 compression technology – which allows you to record higher quality video using up to 75% less hard drive space than MPEG-4 or JPEG compressions, and delivers faster transmission speeds. All models are networkable for remote viewing and provide...

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  2. Dominos Pizza Multi-Location Restaurant - Multi-User Management Success Story

    Several years ago, Rainbow Pizza owners, located in Laredo, Texas, became Dominos Pizza franchisees - seeing it as a great opportunity to expand their business within a proven franchise model. The first franchise flourished and soon led to the owners purchasing over a dozen franchise locations across Texas. As their retail footprint g...

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  3. Mitigating Covid-19 Challenges to Achieve a Safer Workplace White Paper

    As medical facilities learn to operate in the “new normal” and other healthcare-related businesses prepare to re-open, they all face the unique challenge of providing a safe and healthy environment for customers and employees. CDC guidelines recommend “screening patients and visitor...

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  4. Why Security-Grade Monitors Matter for Surveillance

    Quality matters when it comes to security camera monitors, and there’s a big difference between professional security-grade monitors and standard consumer-grade displays. You may think that a standard consumer-grade LCD monitor is acceptable for video security applications and will save you money. However, while consumer-grade d...

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  5. The Best Security Cameras for Protecting Your Business

    Are you looking to find the best security camera for monitoring and protecting your business? Choosing the right camera form factor and capabilities best-suited for your application will ensure you get an effective video security solution that produces optimal results. Below you’ll find different camera types, along ...

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  6. DIGIOP Retail Solutions

    DIGIOP ELEMENTS™ is a ground breaking Video-Enhanced Intelligence Platform that provides a single, user-friendly interface to the critical video and data intelligence you rely on to effectively manage your business.   Introduction  |  Industry Solutions  |  DIGIOP ELEME...

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  7. 6 Key Areas Where Retailers are Vulnerable to Holiday Shopping Theft

    Whether you are small, local mom-and-pop shop, a specialty boutique, national convenience store chain, or large big box retailer, your store is especially vulnerable to theft during the holiday shopping season. While the holidays bring larger crowds and increased sales for retailers, the holiday shopping season also leads to an increa...

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  8. How to Buy an infinias IP-based Access Control Solution

    We make purchasing an infinias IP-based access control solution easy, with a few simple-to-follow steps. How to Purchase Determine the number of doors you need to monitor Select software or a server with pre-installed software Select a door kit for each door Choose readers and credentials 1. Determine Number of Doors Befor...

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