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Product Sourcing and Design Services

For projects requiring unique products, OEM components, or custom designs – Supercircuits offers a comprehensive range of sourcing and design services. For more than 20 years, our in-house engineering and product management teams have worked with our global network of strategic suppliers and manufacturing partners to deliver custom solutions for projects of all sizes and industries.

From our headquarters in Austin, Texas, we manage all procurement, manufacturing, shipping and logistics – providing our customers with unparalleled flexibility. For longer-term and repeat projects, we also provide lifecycle management – coordinating all facets of end-of-life product transitions.

Our product sourcing and design capabilities include:

  • Product Sourcing – We leverage our broad network of strategic manufacturer partners to source and/or private label any OEM product for your application.
  • Product Design and Manufacturing – We design and customize any board camera, micro camera, or camera module to meet your needs.
  • Product Lifecycle Management – We provide product lifecycle management, from procurement and inventory management, to end-of-life transitions.
  • Shipping and Logistics – We offer a range of flexible shipping and logistics options, including order stocking coordination, drop-shipping and scheduled deliveries.

Product Design

When a standard design simply won’t work, we can customize a design for you. Every product can be customized to provide the results you desire. Whether you need a custom enclosure to blend into your environment, or a remote surveillance solution that runs on solar power—we can deliver.

We take a customer-centric approach to ensure the success of our partners, whatever your needs—from designing drone cameras capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, to vandal-proof ATM cameras in a custom enclosure.


Manufacturing and Production

Our facilities can handle a wide range of manufacturing and production needs. We also leverage trusted manufacturer partners (many are ISO 9001:2000 certified) who are equally committed to quality manufacturing. We provide comprehensive manufacturing services that enable integration partners to compress their time-to-market and produce the products within the timeframe you need them.


Shipping and Logistics

Supercircuits has the capacity to handle the most demanding shipping and logistical requirements. Whether you need to ship tens of units per month, or require thousands of OEM components to arrive at a specific time and location each month – we are able to deliver the products you need, where and when you need them. Our shipping capabilities include drop-shipping, scheduled deliveries, and coordinating large stocking orders.


Product Lifecycle Management

We provide complete lifecycle management services, including product procurement, inventory management, and end-of-life transitions. We forecast based on our understanding of your production requirements, planned product revisions, and other lifecycle logistics and manage the product lifecycle from start-to-finish.


Technical Support

It’s our priority to make sure that every customer receives the prompt, quality support they expect from a strategic partner. We provide engineer-quality product specifications with every product we sell and have an industry-leading technical support team to provide free, US-based technical support.


Our Products

We have access to virtually any video- and audio-related technology, including:

  • Network IP Solutions
  • HD Analog Solutions
  • Analog CCTV Solutions
  • Quick Deployment Kits
  • Wireless Transmitters & Receivers
  • Micro DVRs
  • Mobile Surveillance Systems
  • UAV Cameras
  • OEM Components
  • ATM Cameras
  • Robot Cameras

Our Range of Solutions

Supercircuits’ product sourcing and design services have been leveraged by a broad range of security and security-related industries, including:

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) cameras are commonly used by the government and US military. These unmanned surveillance solutions are used for border and port security, aviation and other applications. Our UAVs feature the latest technology, offer the re-usability expected of a UAV solution and can be customized to your specifications.

Unmanned Weapons Systems

Unmanned weapons systems are commonly equipped with a drone camera to be used in high-risk missions to help prevent the loss of human life for combat missions and special operations. These unmanned weapons solutions offer pinpoint accuracy and the performance needed for mission-critical surveillance.


Robotics solutions are utilized for military, corporate, and scientific use. Autonomous robots use cameras to track objects and identify movement characteristics. These surveillance solutions require a sleek design, along with complex technical specs and advanced technologies to meet your application needs.


Helmet-Mounted Recording Systems

Primarily used by the military and law enforcement personnel, helmet-mounted systems have gained popularity with extreme sport athletes. Our helmet-mounted recording solutions offer weather-resistance, extended viewing capabilities, and IR technology as well as a robust camera module for daily patrol and mission-critical operations.

Vehicle Traffic Safety Systems

Vehicle traffic safety systems are used for mobile traffic enforcement to identify poor driving behavior and improve community safety. These systems require rugged vandal-proof and weather-resistant housing and offer easy installation and systems maintenance.

Banking/ATM Services

Surveillance devices for the banking industry and ATM services offer the latest technology and capabilities for continuous around-the-clock surveillance. ATM cameras and surveillance systems deliver the high-resolution images needed for facial recognition.

How Our OEM Solutions Are Benefiting Our Customers

Custom robotics camera and enclosure for robotics facility

A robotics facility customer employed us to build a custom robotics camera solution for monitoring the health of one of their facilities. The customer had a completed pre-built robotic device. They needed us to develop a robotics camera with appropriate camera modules, along with an enclosure that would properly fit into the pre-constructed robotics device.

We created a turn-key custom solution that enabled the customer to easily slide our camera component into their robotic device. This eliminated the need to add an additional step and build requirement into the customer’s manufacturing process, which saved both production time and money.


Custom UAV drone cameras

A customer needed us to build custom Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) cameras, based on specific camera requirements they had previously identified. They supplied camera specs and a CAD drawing, and we designed and built the enclosures and drone cameras to their specific needs.

Our engineering team built the custom UAV cameras utilizing existing micro camera components to reduce cycle time in delivery of the end product. They were also able to have the drone cameras run off of a single camera assembly.


Custom nationwide customer communication kiosk concealment

A customer needed a custom-designed concealment to change the look of their kiosks used as a nationwide customer communication point. Along with custom-designed custom kiosk enclosures, they needed smaller cameras with USB outputs that would fit inside of the new enclosures.

Our engineering team designed took the blueprints for their kiosks and designed enclosures and smaller OEM cameras that included all of their desired camera requirements for 1,000+ locations nationwide.

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