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Access Control

  1. 6 Tips for Protecting Your Home Automation System from Hackers

    Home automation systems provide homeowners with the convenience of accessing, monitoring, and changing the settings of home devices remotely, from a mobile app or Web portal. Your home automation system enables you to control your heating and cooling systems, lighting, door locks, security cameras, alarm systems and other devices. How...

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  2. Learn the Basics of IP Based Access Control

    Some people are unfamiliar with IP based access control. Below is an overview of IP-based access control, including the benefits, from scalability, to lower equipment costs. What is IP-based Access Control? IP access control technology enables you to employ secure network-controlled access to physical doors at your facility. IP-base...

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  3. Features and Capabilities of infinias Intelli-M Access Software

    Intelli-M Access® is a browser-based access control management application, which enables you to easily manage single-door to enterprise-wide access control installations. Discover how Intelli-M Access delivers the ultimate in simplicity, scalability, and security: Leverage the Highly Scalable Architecture Intelli-M Access uses a...

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  4. infinias IP-based Access Control: Core Decisions at the Edge

    infinias’ network-based solutions enable decision-making at the door, delivering quicker response and full redundancy. The infinias eIDC32 door controller mounts quickly and easily at the door, while infinias’ powerful Intelli-M Access software enables core decision-making at the edge. Infinias Intelli-M access can be run...

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  5. About infinias

    infinias is a leading developer and manufacturer of IP-based access control technology. The company's product line of access control solutions combines innovative hardware technology with advanced software functionality to deliver IP-based access control solutions that are simple, scalable and secure. infinias manufactures two discret...

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  6. 5 Top Benefits of an infinias IP-Based Access Control Solution

    There’s a reason why infinias is a trusted-leader for IP-based access control solutions. infinias access control solutions leverage the network, are easy to install, and provide cost-effective, easy to manage access control that grows with your organization’s needs. The advantages of an infinias IP-based access control solu...

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  7. Advantages of the infinias eIDC32 PoE-powered Door Controller

    The Ethernet-enabled, PoE-powered eIDC32 door controller revolutionizes the concept of IP-based access control with the smallest and most scalable device available. The compact door controller leverages Power over Ethernet (PoE), and only requires a single CAT5/CAT6 network cable running from your door to the nearest network switch&md...

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  8. What to Know About infinias IP-based Access Control

    infinias IP-based access control solutions are revolutionizing the concept of access control. Reliable, flexible and highly-scalable solutions from infinias offer many advantages and benefits over traditional access control solutions—from simplifying installation and systems and administrative management, to cutting cabling costs...

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  9. Access Control Glossary

    Our easy-to-use glossary covers common access control terminology. Access Control (Physical) – The selective restriction of physical access to a physical location or other resource. Access Control System – An interconnected set of controllers that manages the entrances and exits of secure areas, granting or denying acce...

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  10. How to Buy an infinias IP-based Access Control Solution

    We make purchasing an infinias IP-based access control solution easy, with a few simple-to-follow steps. How to Purchase Determine the number of doors you need to monitor Select software or a server with pre-installed software Select a door kit for each door Choose readers and credentials 1. Determine Number of Doors Befor...

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