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Law Enforcement

  1. Southart Fire Department Success Story

    The Client The Southart Fire Department is located in Monmouth County, New Jersey. They operate out of two stations that primarily protect a residential area of 20,000 people within 18 miles. The Challenge While they had an on-premise video security system in place, it wasn’t cost-effective or scalable for their gr...

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  2. Covert Vehicle Surveillance System User Technical Manual

    Covert Vehicle Surveillance System User Technical Manual This training reference manual provides a generalized technical overview of the Covert Vehicle program. It is intended for administrators who are dedicated to managing this program. Covert Vehicle User Technical Manual - PDF

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  3. Supercircuits’ Custom Vehicle Surveillance Solutions Continues to Help DPD Fight Crime

    Burglary of Motor Vehicles (BMV) and Unauthorized Use of Vehicles (UUV) has been a widespread problem for the City of Dallas, and the Dallas Police Department (DPD). According to FBI reporting, there were an estimated 721, 053 thefts of motor vehicles nationwide in 2012. The estimated rate of motor vehicle thefts was 229.7 per 100,000...

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  4. DPD Increases Car Theft Arrests with Supercircuits’ Custom Vehicle Solutions

    Car theft and the Burglary of Motor Vehicles (BMV) was a widespread problem for the Dallas Police Department (DPD) and the City of Dallas. DPD needed an auto theft prevention solution, and turned to Supercircuits to create custom covert vehicle surveillance solutions for the department’s citywide bait vehicle progra...

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  5. How Supercircuits’ Custom Covert Solutions Aid DPD with Fighting Auto Theft

    Summertime is a busy season for auto theft which is on the rise in the City of Dallas. In fact, Dallas has seen a 10 percent increase in auto thefts since June of 2014. How are the City of Dallas and the Dallas Police Department tackling this widespread problem and cracking down on car thieves? With the departments bait vehicle progra...

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  6. Build Your Own Interview Room System

    Follow these steps to choose your own camera, DVR, and monitor, then add an accessory kit to complete your customized interview room solution 1 Select an interview room DVR Perfect audio/video sync This may seem obvious, but generally security DVR technology is geared for video, not audio. Dual offload formats It&rsq...

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