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Pinhole Cameras and Board Cameras

Board cameras provide a discreet, cost-effective surveillance option for tight, hidden critical areas for which you need video footage. Our board cams are suited to a wide variety of applications, including recreational use in RC planes, medical imaging in hospitals, quality control monitoring by manufacturers, and military use in covert operations and UAVs. We offer high-quality, durable board cams with day/night capabilities, megapixel resolution options, and low light capabilities. Choose from a variety of board cameras with varying megapixels, lenses, and features such as a built-in IR filter, rugged design for operating in extreme temperatures, and high-resolution video. Whether you’re a first time user or a hidden camera veteran, our board cameras provide a convenient, simple to deploy, and cost-effective surveillance solution for your most critical areas and assets.

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Why Choose a Board Camera?

Board cameras and pinhole cameras are small in size and are easy to conceal inside almost any type of object. This makes these tiny cameras an ideal choice for a variety of covert surveillance uses. A board camera is comprised of a lens mounted on a small circuit board. The camera lens and circuit board are not encased, which allows for easy customization and the ability to mount the camera inside another object.

Miniature board cameras and pinhole cameras offer a surveillance solution for when the camera needs to see through small openings or be embedded inside a common object. We offer high-quality, durable board cams with day/night capabilities, up to megapixel resolution options and low light capabilities.