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Micro Video Cameras, Board Cameras and Pinhole Cameras

From law enforcement to retail, micro cameras work seamlessly to provide a powerful surveillance solution without anyone being the wiser. We offer micro cameras that include video cameras, board cameras, and pinhole camera options - providing easy set-up and installation alongside a range of surveillance applications, and a wide range of output compatibility that includes HD-TVI and AHD. Measuring at less than one-inch square, choose from a variety of trusted brands, camera types, and megapixels. This includes our high-resolution board cameras ideal for hidden, high-traffic employee theft surveillance, or our low-lux mini cameras, which provide excellent image clarity in low-light conditions, such as dark parking lots and hallways. Our micro cameras are backed by our no-hassle money-back guarantee, industry-leading warranties, and unlimited US-based technical support so you can buy in confidence, and have the peace of mind of a safe home or business for years to come.

Micro Video Cameras

Why Choose a Micro Camera?

Ultra-small micro cameras and pinhole cameras are easily concealed to meet the needs of a wide range of surveillance applications. Because they are so easy to conceal, these mini video cameras are ideal for covert surveillance applications. If you need a micro camera, pinhole camera or snake camera, we have a wide range of low light, color and high-resolution options to meet your security needs.

Our tiny snake cameras are popular because of their ability to fit into tight spaces. Besides being used by law enforcement teams for covert surveillance, snake cameras are also used by car mechanics, plumbers, pest control professionals, and home builders who need a miniature camera that will enable them to reach inaccessible, hard-to-reach spaces.