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Custom Fabrication Services

We understand that every surveillance application is unique, and the technology you choose can have a significant impact on the desired results.

It’s important to choose a security solutions provider that helps you ask the important questions when designing your surveillance solution, along with identifying the right technology and capabilities for your application. The right partner can help design and customize a solution that meets your needs – and set up and optimize your system to achieve optimal results.

For over 25 years, Supercircuits has been customizing security solutions to meet the specific needs of the many types of customers we serve. Nearly all products can be customized and optimized to meet your application requirements. Whether you require a special bracket or enclosure to house your equipment; a customized a traditional video security system for a retail store; or a custom covert surveillance system for law enforcement or undercover operations – we can design and create the ideal solution for you.

The majority of our custom fabrication services are done in-house to ensure quality and to protect the privacy of customers, including law enforcement and government agencies that need a specialized covert solution for mission-critical operations. .

Product Customization Options

Whether you need a small alteration to an existing product, or a full-customization – we can design and fabricate a solution that meets your needs and location requirements.

  • Alterations to existing products – We can alter any existing product to meet building or location requirements.
  • Full customization – We can create a fully-customized solution for general and specialty surveillance applications.
  • Custom enclosures – We’ll create a custom enclosure for your surveillance solution to blend into your environment.
  • Custom power sources – We can design and provide a custom power source (such as solar power) for remote locations.
  • Custom security brackets – We can design custom security brackets for security cameras and monitors to fit your space and meet building and location requirements.

Customizable Surveillance Solutions

Video Surveillance Systems

Our surveillance cameras, recorders and complete systems can be customized to meet your specifications. We can switch out cameras to meet lighting and resolution requirements or increase hard drive storage and upgrade DVRs to provide channel flexibility and scalability.

Custom Concealments

To make sure that your disguise fits your environment, specify your device of choice, or send one to us, and we’ll design a custom concealment for your surveillance system that’s easy-to-conceal at your location.

Hidden Cameras

Our hidden cameras are disguised in common objects such as a picture frame or smoke detector to blend invisibly into any environment. Our covert solutions are engineered to solve surveillance challenges for law enforcement and undercover operations, and can be customized to meet your unique needs.


Custom Monitors

We can design and build custom viewing monitors to meet a range of application needs for business, law enforcement and retail applications.

Custom Brackets

We can design and fabricate security camera and equipment brackets to fit your security solution and your location.

Citywide Surveillance

Our customizable citywide surveillance solutions offer an affordable force multiplier that is easy to expand and even easier to manage.


Mobile Surveillance

Our vehicle surveillance systems can be customized to meet your mobile surveillance needs. Whether you need to monitor driver behavior for a single vehicle, or need GPS tracking and fleet management, we have the ideal solution.

Wireless Systems

We custom design and build wireless video and audio transmission systems to meet the demands of undercover and high-security applications. For true flexibility, we can design a wireless solution that can be moved between locations.

Command and Control Solutions

We offer a selection of comprehensive, fully-customizable C&C systems as well as individual components for emergency management, corrections, SWAT and tactical operations.

Let Us Customize a Security Solution For You

Our dedicated account managers are ready to speak with you about your customization needs. Call 877-995-2288 today or complete our online form to learn how we can help you build the right surveillance solution to meet your unique needs.

How Our Custom Solutions Are Making a Difference

Many of our customers provide feedback on how our custom products have helped them make a difference with their security challenges. Below are a few examples.

Custom Viewing Monitors Provide Store Visibility for Large Office Supply Chain

A large office supply retailer with hundreds of stores nationwide needed a custom bracket and public viewing monitor for their stores. The custom camera bracket needed to hold their existing security cameras and work for all store locations. We designed specialty brackets and monitors in-house for their stores.

Since implementing the custom solution, the retailer has been able to keep an eye on known trouble spots (such as the printer ink cartridge aisle) and reduce theft and merchandise shrinkage in their stores across the nation.


Custom Wireless Loss Prevention Kit Helps Large Discount Chain Store Reduce Theft

A large discount retailer needed to tackle shoplifting and theft in their chain of stores. We designed a custom wireless loss prevention kit that enabled the retailer to keep better watch over their stores nationwide and reduce theft.


Custom Helmet Cameras Help Fight Human Trafficking

The customization team at Supercircuits is constantly developing unique products to assist with mission-critical operations.

A recent creation included a custom motorcycle helmet with built-in camera, microphone and DVR. The helmet was a special request to help with a special covert mission to help stop human trafficking.


Custom Solution Protects a Sanctuary and Leads to Conviction of Vandals

The National Park Service contacted Supercircuits to provide a solution for a vandalism issue they were experiencing. Individuals were killing protected bats and vandalizing a natural cave in one of their park.

Supercircuits designed a custom solution that allowed the NPS to monitor the cave in real-time and move in on the vandals when they returned. The individuals were apprehended and convicted.

Let Us Customize a Security Solution For You

Our dedicated account managers are ready to speak with you about your customization needs. Call 877-995-2288 today or complete our online form to learn how we can help you build the right surveillance solution to meet your unique needs.