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  1. How to - P2P Sharing

    Step by step video tutorials explain all you need to know to use P2P (peer to peer) mobile sharing. How-To - P2P Mobile Sharing Star4Live Web Portal The Star4Live web portal allows you to register and manage P2P enabled Supercircuits recorders and IP cameras from any computer that has internet access. With a cloud account...

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  2. NVR REPAIR DATABASE ISSUE – Alibi Witness Network Recorders

    NVR REPAIR DATABASE ISSUE – Alibi Network Recorders PROBLEM: Database bug in firmware V4.1.50 that causes the hard drive(s) to go into a repairing state which results in loss of Playback during the repairing process and can slow down the performance of the recorder when this occurs. While we have located the root issue, we ha...

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  3. Recording Calculator

    Use this tool to calculate recording data size, hard drive needs, and recording time. Recording Calculator File Name File Size File Type Recording Calculator 117 KB HTML Bandwidth Chart 423 KB PDF

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  4. Power Distance Guide for HD and IP

    Use this guide to determine your HD-TVI Cable Power Distances and IP Power Distances. PROBLEM: Cameras aren't powering on or video is dropping in and out. SOLUTIONS: Make sure your cameras are getting the correct amount of power so they can operate properly. FOR HD-TVI CAMERAS: Determine camera model power requirements by review...

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  5. How to Configure DDNS Services

    HOW TO CONFIGUREDDNS SERVICES All recorders and IP cameras can be connected to the internet and configured to be accessed from outside their local network. Using an IP address provided by an internet service provider, a user is able to connect to his or her device. Most users do not have a static IP addresses that never changes, whi...

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  6. Using the Waterproof Ethernet Fitting

    You will want to install the Waterproof Ethernet Fitting on the Ethernet cable end of the camera when moisture or contamination exists in the area near the camera. PROBLEM: Improper network cable connections. SOLUTION: Every IP camera comes with two ways to protect your network connection - waterproof fittings and weatherpr...

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  7. How to Install a Dome Security Camera in a Suspended Ceiling

    Hi, I'm Jake with Supercircuits. In this video segment, I'm going to show you how easy it is to install a dome-style camera in a suspended ceiling. Suspended ceilings are very common in commercial buildings, such as stores, offices, and churches. Now I've already selected the best location for the camera, and the cables have already be...

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