The Client

Solid Rock Baptist Church (SRBC), located in Nashville, Tennessee, offers a youth ministry, a children’s church, and adult bible studies to provide hope for the hurting and help for those in need.

The Challenge

SRBC offers many branches of worship within their church, which include a nursery, Sunday sessions, and weekend-long, on-site retreats. With a newly renovated property to protect and multiple weekly worship gatherings, they faced the challenge of protecting their church property and ensuring all members feel secure. Located in a rural, lower social-economic area of the city, the church had become a target for bored, local teenagers vandalizing the exterior walls of their main building and breaking into and vandalizing their main gathering hall. Motivated by the church’s recent renovations, and some church members feeling unsafe about the recent criminal activity, they knew they a high-resolution security system was necessary.

The Solution

Solid Rock Baptist Church considered several security providers but decided on the Supercircuits IP camera solution due to its ease of use and cost-effective solutions. They added ten 2.0-megapixel dome cameras to their interiors, including their newly renovated main building. Six 2.0-megapixel bullet cameras were placed outside, covering all aspects of their sprawling property –including the parking lots, courtyard, and barbeque pit.

The Outcome

In a short period of time, SRBC has seen a dramatic improvement in the security of the church and the feelings of safety of its members. Pastors can remotely login from a centralized management system and watch live video or view playback footage on demand. If someone trespasses late at night, advanced starlight technology captures footage with bright color (even in pitch-black lighting conditions), and users are immediately alerted on their smartphone. Within minutes, they can download the video clip and send it to authorities. With their Supercircuits camera solution in place, Solid Rock Baptist Church now has the ultimate peace of mind that their staff and members are provided with a secure, safe environment.

View the Solid Rock Church Success Story. (PDF 165KB)

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