With High Q’s recent expansion came several operational challenges:

  • Increased theft. With their expansion brought on an increase in customer theft. Although they had existing analog cameras in place, the resolution was too low to capture the identification of their shoplifters.
  • Inconsistent quality control. New employees were incorrectly labeling and pricing inventory, which caused an increase in customer refunds and complaints. To gain better control over their multi-site inventory, management needed security cameras that offered a playback feature based on time and location, and remote accessibility from their smartphone.
  • Violation of state compliance. The challenge of their low-resolution security system wasn’t just about theft and quality control – it also put them in violation of state compliance requirements. They needed a high-resolution, scalable system that would ensure they remain compliant for the future.
  • With playback footage and a zoom feature, they can now identify shoplifters, and quality check employees as they price and label inventory. Most importantly, they now have high quality, high-resolution cameras in place to ensure they meet compliance guidelines. As they expand to more locations, they now have the peace of mind of a fully secure business.

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