Auto Theft Prevention | Bait Vehicle Solutions

Car theft and the Burglary of Motor Vehicles (BMV) was a widespread problem for the Dallas Police Department (DPD) and the City of Dallas.

DPD needed an auto theft prevention solution, and turned to Supercircuits to create custom covert vehicle surveillance solutions for the department’s citywide bait vehicle program. The custom covert vehicle surveillance solutions created for DPD by Supercircuits, were equipped the latest audio and video covert surveillance equipment and technology. These custom solutions provided innovative features and capabilities needed, to provide the court-admissible video and audio evidence needed to convict car thieves.

Learn more about Supercircuits’ covert vehicle surveillance solutions for DPD in this case study.

DPD was one of the first police departments in the country to deploy a bait vehicle program, and since implementation, has seen a significant increase in arrests of car thieves, many of whom have a long rap sheet of prior arrests and are repeat offenders of other crimes.

In fact, since January of this year, 29 car thieves have been arrested for stealing the bait vehicles, and nearly 200 arrested for stealing something out of a bait vehicle.

DPD has been thrilled with Supercircuits’ customer covert vehicle surveillance solutions, and are looking to outfit more cars and expand their bait vehicle program. Learn more in Fox4 News article: New DPD Initiative Aims to Stop Car Thieves.

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