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Wireless Surveillance

From single-site to multiple locations, a wireless security system can be the most efficient option for interior and exterior areas that aren’t set up to support hard-wired cabling. We offer a diverse lineup of battery-powered wireless security products with extended range and reliable connections, designed to protect your property and assets. Choose from wireless video transmitters and receivers, wireless antennas, wireless sensors, and wireless cameras. All of our products offer state-of-the-art technology, and high-resolution video, providing seamless set-up and compatibility with your existing surveillance application and budget. Place additional cameras when and where you need them, without the burdened cost of running video cable.

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Are you looking for a wireless video surveillance solution that’s secure and reliable? With no need to run wires and cabling, wireless security is a great choice for locations where the time involved and expense of running cabling would be an issue. Wireless is ideal for locations such as college campuses, parking lots, city parks and streets, military bases, town squares, and airports.

There are many advantages to choosing a wireless surveillance solution. Here are some top considerations for choosing wireless over a wired video security solution: when running cabling is not an option, when you need quick installation, when you need a temporary or portable solution, if you are looking for convenience, if you are looking for a more concealed security solution.

Our wireless video security solutions come with at least a 1-year warranty, 30-day money-back guarantee and lifetime US-based technical support. Need help selecting the right wireless system for your application? Our team of security experts can help. Call 877-995-2288 today.