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Mobile Video Cameras and Mobile Surveillance Camera

We offer mobile video cameras for a range of in-car or body-worn applications. Manage safety and improve vehicle performance with our vehicle surveillance cameras. Benefits include reducing unauthorized vehicle use — capture unapproved use of your vehicles during non-working hours; controlling fuel costs — reduce your fuel bill by eliminating unapproved or extended journeys; and increasing vehicle safety and security. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your vehicles are always monitored. Whether it is on-board surveillance or capturing video on-foot, we have the mobile camera that will meet your needs.

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Why Choose a Mobile Camera?

We engineered our mobile video cameras to meet a wide range of surveillance needs. These cameras come with the features and capabilities to ensure reliable video recording on-the-go.

We offer mobile cameras for monitoring driver behavior and providing driver accountability, reducing unapproved vehicle usage, improving vehicle safety and reducing vehicle theft. We also carry portable and wearable mobile cameras that record video evidence for body-worn surveillance applications, wherever you go on foot.

Choose from night vision or IR mobile surveillance cameras to capture video in complete darkness, along with high-resolution options, or mobile security cameras that mount inside or outside a vehicle.