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HD Analog Security Cameras and HD CCTV Security Camera

HD Analog surveillance technology lets you send megapixel video over standard coax cabling. It provides high-definition security video at a lower cost and level of complexity compared to a similar network IP surveillance solution. An HD Analog camera is ideal for video security applications needing 1080p or higher resolution and the ability to zoom digitally. Example uses include facial identification and license plate recognition.

Because they are compatible with standard analog cameras, HD Analog cameras allow you to easily add megapixel video surveillance to your existing system without having to replace your existing cameras or cabling. The BLACK Line HD Analog security cameras use high-definition serial interface (HD-SDI) technology to produce 720p or 1080p HD video that is sharper and more detailed than traditional analog CCTV cameras.

HD Analog cameras from Alibi incorporate the latest in HD Analog technology, called HD-TVI. HD-TVI offers significant advantages relative to other HD analog formats, including the ability to transmit higher megapixel resolution and higher quality video over longer distances, regardless of cable quality.

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