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Compare Hidden Camera Performance

Use this tool to compare our covert cameras. See how black and white, color , high res, day/night, and super stealth covert cameras compare to one another in a dark stock room.

Black & White

Standard Black & White Camera

This high performance black and white camera comes standard in all of our covert video cameras and is perfect for watching stock rooms, break rooms, and general office environments.

  • 410 lines resolution, 0.5 lux rating
  • 70° field of view
  • 12 volts DC, 120mA

Color Camera Upgrade

The color camera upgrade is perfect for office environments and areas where full detail is required.

  • 380 lines color resolution, 0.5 lux rating
  • 4.3mm lens
  • 12 volts DC

High Resolution Upgrade

The high resolution upgrade works best when sharp detail or facial recognition is needed. Great for high traffic areas like doorways!

  • 520 lines color resolution, 0.5 lux rating
  • DIP switches for backlight compensation and anti-color rolling
  • 12 volts DC

Day/Night Camera Upgrade

The day/night camera upgrade is ideal for areas with variable (or constantly changing) lighting conditions like those found in outdoor applications.

  • 420 lines resolution, 0.1 lux rating
  • 3.6mm lens with 70° field of view
  • Automatically switches from color to black and white in low light conditions
Super Stealth

Super Stealth Upgrade

This black and white super low lux camera upgrade is perfect for conditions with little to no light, like storage rooms or night time applications.

  • 420 lines resolution, 0.0003 lux rating
  • 90° field of view
  • 12 volts DC, 150mA