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Field Surveillance Systems and Park Surveillance

Our field surveillance solutions support law enforcement efforts to prevent illegal dumping, vandalism of park property, poaching, and other criminal activities. Choose from our latest field surveillance options including high definition security cameras, cable boxes, and safety enclosures. Our surveillance products are equipped with features and capabilities ranging from built-in no-glow IR LEDs for covert surveillance to motion detection recording, high-resolution image capture and audio recording. All offerings have been designed to meet the unique rural surveillance needs of law enforcement and are ideally suited for monitoring drug fields, state borders, remote locations while our field surveillance systems provide night vision cameras with built-in IR LEDs, high-resolution imaging, motion detection, still image capture and on-board storage. Whatever covert field surveillance solutions suit your needs best, all are uniquely designed to blend inconspicuously into their surroundings and come with industry-leading warranties, and US-based technical support.

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