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CCTV System Return on Investment Calculator

The University of Florida conducts an annual National Retail Security Survey (NRSS), to anonymously gather retail loss and prevention metrics in various vertical retail markets. This study has become a leading resource to gauge retail loss prevention and retail store security practices in the United States.

This calculator uses the statistics from this survey to provide an estimate to the question on every store owner's mind - "How Much Am I Losing?"

1. What kind of store do you manage?

2. What are your Gross Annual Sales?

3. What is your Net Profit Margin?

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To model your return on investment in a video security system, please estimate the following:

4. Security Investment

5. % of crime you can prevent

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* Based on our experience and customer feedback, it is safe to assume that 25% of retail loss can be prevented by the typical video security system. Please enter a number that feels comfortable to you.

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