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Wireless Security Decoded

Wireless technology is everywhere and is becoming increasingly popular for video security.
Learn about the types of wireless devices available today and the key features of each.

Analog Wireless

Analog wireless devices run on well-established technology and are inexpensive and easy to use. Overall, analog wireless devices have the smoothest and most crisp video signal of the various types of wireless security devices.

However, they are limited by number of video channels and are vulnerable to signal interference—particularly Wi-Fi.

Weatherproof 5.8 GHz Wireless Video Link

Transmit video and audio up to 300 ft



8 Channel Long Range Wireless Link

Easy to install transmitter and receiver!



Digital Wireless

Digital wireless devices accept an analog video input, convert the signal into a digital wireless RF signal, and then convert it back to an analog video output. They are compatible with virtually any analog security system and the RF signal is less vulnerable to outside interference such as Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Digital wireless devices generally have many more channels so you can use more of them in close proximity to each other. However, you may occasionally see video hiccups and freezing in the motion, much like satellite TV during a storm, or digital cable.

2.4 GHz Digital Wireless Link Kit

Use Your Camera to Send Wireless Video and Audio!



2.4 GHz Wireless Transmitter / Receiver

High-powered and



Omni-Directional 2.4 GHz 9 dBi Antenna

Increase range of standard
DVL24 wireless products



Wireless IP

A wireless IP device (or access point) takes the digital signal from an IP camera via a cat5 cable, and sends it wirelessly to another access point, which is connected to a network video recorder. The signal remains in digital form throughout the entire process, ensuring extremely high video signal quality and data integrity.

Wireless access points let you send multiple camera signals to a single receiver, helping to reduce overall system cost. Wireless access points can transmit over longer distances than analog or digital wireless devices, and support several levels of encryption for strong system security.

5.8 GHz Outdoor MIMO Wireless Access Point

IP65 weather rating



5.8 GHz Indoor MIMO Wireless Access Point

2 x 2 MIMO& dual 5dBi
omni antennas



5.8 GHz 90 Degree Outdoor Access Point

IP65 weather rating



Wireless Sensors

A wireless sensor allows you to send an on/off signal back to a DVR with alarm contact inputs. There is no video transmission, just a signal that an event has taken place. The transmission is analog, and is high powered, so the signal can travel over great distances.

A typical application could be a motion sensor at a front gate that triggers a DVR back at the house to begin recording, or expand a specific camera up to full screen. Wireless sensors are useful for notifications of specific physical events and are helpful in situations where video motion detection might not be accurate enough.

Wireless PIR

Send alarm signal over 1 mile!



Wireless Magnetic Detectors

Send alarm signal over 1 mile!



Remote Receiver Detector

Receive alarm signal
over 1 mile!