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Motorized Zoom Lenses and Motorized Security Camera Lens

Our selection of camera lenses includes motorized zoom lens options. Designed for almost any application, we have a CCTV camera lens to fit your unique needs. Auto-iris lenses are designed for outdoor use, or any applications with variable lighting conditions. Fixed lenses provide fixed focal lengths from super wide angle to telephoto depending on the camera format and intended application. Varifocal lenses are designed to meet a variety of applications, providing the flexibility to adjust between different focal lengths with a single lens. When the situation calls for an odd focal length lens or you are not sure of the correct focal length required for the installation, a varifocal lens is the perfect choice.

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  • 12 -120mm Motorized Zoom Lens
    LIST PRICE: $791.99
    DEAL PRICE: $475.00
  • 6-42mm Motorized Zoom Lens
    LIST PRICE: $459.99
    DEAL PRICE: $299.99
  • 6-36 mm Varifocal Zoom CS-Mount Camera Lens
    LIST PRICE: $199.99
    DEAL PRICE: $69.99

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