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Temperature Reading Mask Detection Facial Recognition

Reopen Safely with Temperature Screening

To ensure the safety of your employees and customers, it is critical to maintain social distancing, encourage people with flu-like symptoms to stay away from crowded business areas, and leverage the latest body temperature detection technology to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Supercircuits’ new wrist temperature detection solution offers an instant, non-contact approach to detect human body temperature – with an accuracy of over 99%. Our solution features mask detection and facial recognition technology, able to recognize and register people as they enter your facility. If an individual has an abnormally high body temperature, or is not wearing a mask, visual and audio alarms are triggered – alerting you of the potential threat.

Single-Person Wrist Temperature, Mask Detection & Facial Recognition

This compact and efficient system measures body temperature using a touch-free wrist temperature sensor, connected to a 7′′ monitor with integrated high-definition camera that performs mask detection and facial recognition. Audio and video alerts are triggered for elevated temperatures, if the individual is not wearing a mask, or for unauthorized personnel (optional). If an abnormal temperature is detected, a picture (facial image) can be captured to keep track of sick individuals.

Touchless wrist temp detection in 0.2 seconds!

High-resolution 7-inch touchscreen monitor

Real-time temperature and face mask alerts

Scans 20-30 people per minute

Purpose-built stainless steel stand (optional)

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Ideal for High-Traffic Commercial Settings

Our thermal body temperature detection solutions help to provide an additional layer of security for your business. Simply set up at an entry point, gate or choke point, and detect temperature and mask compliance of up to 30 visitors/minute as they enter your facility.



Shopping Malls

Mass Transit

Houses of Worship

Day Care


Government Buildings

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Multi-Person Body Temperature Detection and Alert Solution

Ideal solution for high-traffic areas to scan multiple persons at one time with high accuracy.

Temperature accuracy with ±0.3°C deviation

Easy installation and configuration

Supports AI face detection for multiple target screenings at one time

Automatic alarms of persons with temps outside of approved ranges

Stores images for future reference

This solution requires a dedicated PC to run the solution software. Call for specs required to properly operate the software to ensure optimal performance.

Speak with a Specialist 877.995.2288 Mon-Fri 8am-6pm CT

Ready to Get Started? Experts are Standing By!

877.995.2288 Mon-Fri 8am-6pm CT

Thermal Body Temperature Detection Videos

Thermal Body Temperature Detection FAQs

Does the customer have to touch the unit with their wrist to get a reading?
No the person getting scanned does not touch the unit. The sensor detects temperature from .39 – 1.18 inches away.
How do cold, ultra-hot and humid climates impact the performance of the unit?
The unit is to be used indoors without direct exposure to the elements and should not be placed in direct sunlight. If customers come in from outside, especially extreme heat (think Arizona) then the person should acclimate for 10-15 minute to indoor conditions before getting scanned.