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Video Cure for Improves Bon Secours Hospital Security

Video Cure for Improves Bon Secours Hospital Security

Rene J. (RJ) Mosca admits that the Tri-State area — where New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania come together — is "hardly Mayberry." But neither is it a particularly crime-ridden area, Mosca says. At least on the grounds of the 125-bed Bon Secours Hospital — located in Port Jervis, New York — he intends to keep it that way.

"We're known for having the safest parking lots in the city," says Mosca, Bon Secours chief of security.

Safety and security are not the first things that come to mind when one thinks of a hospital, but video surveillance is surprisingly common at hospitals throughout the country. Well-publicized cases of baby snatchings from maternity wards and drug thefts concern hospital administrators. Hospital parking lots are also tempting targets for car break-ins and assaults. And the post-9/11 sense of heightened security has not bypassed medical facilities.

Bon Secours is no exception, having deployed dozens of overt and covert security cameras and half a dozen digital video recorders around the hospital grounds.

Overt surveillance cameras are apparent in common areas like halls, elevators, waiting areas, cafeterias, parking lots and entrances and exits. "We don't try to hide the fact that we're doing surveillance," explains Mosca. "In fact, we place cameras to let people know they're being monitored and to give a sense of overall security."

Many of the cameras are night-friendly, motion-sensitive and allow for time-lapse recordings that security officers can review on the DVRs. Outside, cameras have caught suspicious people in the parking lots. "We politely but firmly insist that they leave."

Mosca says he has also taken on the role of a detective, disguising some covert, pinhole cameras in artificial plants, filing cabinets and cardboard boxes to catch suspected untoward activities by hospital staff members. "We have had some issues with theft. Covert surveillance lets us address these issues."

Sometimes, Mosca shares video evidence with local police. "They're impressed with our security systems."

And Mosca says he's equally impressed with the security systems he's bought from leading direct security vendor Supercircuits, which include a 16-camera weatherproof infrared system, several 16-channel DVRs and several pinhole cameras. "I'm sitting here right now looking at the monitor for our Supercircuits cameras, and I have to tell you, the image quality is clearer, the colors are better and the depth perception is better than other cameras we have that cost six times the price.

"I'm legitimately impressed with the quality of Supercircuits equipment. The equipment is professional, robust and the views are impeccable. The stuff is unbelievably affordable to boot."

Beyond quality and price, Mosca was so impressed with the consultative sales process and customer-service attitude of his Supercircuits sales consultant that he wrote a letter of praise to company executives. Wrote Mosca: "Keith took the time to explain all aspects of the CCTV system I was looking into. He itemized components so I could account for everything in my budget and even faxed that info over to my office within minutes. I don't know if you treat all your customer like this, but if that's the case, I'd like to buy stock in Supercircuits, please."

Mosca says he's known to be very demanding of vendors, but when he finds one that exceeds his expectations, he makes it a point to recommend that vendor to others. "From complete systems to covert bits and pieces, you guys have done a great job for us."