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Supercircuits has been a partner to educational institutions since 1989. As a nationally recognized leader for innovative audio and video surveillance solutions, we have built our reputation on our ability to customize our solutions to address the unique needs of our customers.

We understand the unique challenges faced by schools, universities and educational institutions. We specialize in providing innovative security solutions that secure public and private buildings, improve overall safety and protect students, educators and the public, while securing valuable infrastructure.

Supercircuits offers a full range of security consulting services from system design and site evaluation, to on-site training and installation assistance.


System Design &
Engineering Support

Prior to selecting a security solution, we work with you to identify specific needs for your location. Then, we customize a solution that’s right for you including optimal locations for your cameras and other surveillance equipment.

Installation and Project

Our security systems customers enjoy installation oversight from start to finish, managing every aspect of the job. We have an extensive nationwide network of trusted dealers who can assist you with the physical installation of your security solution.

System Configuration
and Remote Management

We set up an optimized configuration for your organization, building user privileges, and provide you with system health monitoring capabilities.

Product Training

We will empower YOU with the tools and knowledge to manage and fully leverage your system now, and as you grow.


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