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Supercircuits has a large selection of hidden cameras that allow for effective covert surveillance in virtually any environment. Our hidden cameras for home and office environments include those concealed in everyday items such as smoke detectors, thermostats, AC adapters, wall clocks, clock radios, books, picture frames, and more. We also offer spy cams that are designed to blend into outdoor environments, hidden within items such as floodlights, electrical boxes, and outdoor siren speakers.

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A spy video camera provides an additional layer of security for protecting your home or business. A mini spy camera or small spy camera can fit inside almost any type of concealment that looks like a common object found in a home or place of business, including an AC adapter, floodlight, clock or a smoke detector. Our hidden spy cams easily blend into virtually any type of environment for seamless undercover surveillance.

Hidden cameras enable you to reduce theft and break-ins, keep an eye on employees, service providers or caregivers in your home. Whether you need to install a wired or wireless spy cam in your office, cash handling area, living room, home office or other location, we have an easy-to-use camera that’s right for your covert surveillance needs. Our mini covert cameras come with a minimum 1-year warranty, 30-day money-back guarantee and free US-based lifetime technical support.