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Why Varifocal Cameras Are Beneficial for Security Installers

Posted on July 2, 2015 in Security Cameras

Why Varifocal Cameras Are Beneficial for Security Installers

A varifocal security camera offers security installers and integrators a few advantages over a fixed-lens security camera—including flexibility.

A common complaint security installers and integrators voice about installing a fixed lens camera is the headache of having to physically re-install the camera in order to change or adjust the field-of-view.

Going back to the job site to re-do the installation causes frustration for both the customer and the installer, and re-installing a camera costs valuable time and money.

1. Easy Adjustment of Camera Focal Length

Varifocal cameras offer a range of focal lengths and provide the flexibility to easily adjust the video security camera’s focal length to change the field-of-view, without having to re-install the camera. The adjustable lens of a varifocal camera enables the security technician or installer to tweak the focal length to capture the view desired by the customer for their location.

This is especially beneficial for customers who change their mind frequently. For example, sometimes a client requests a specific focal length, then, after seeing the live image captured within the field-of-view, decides they want the camera to capture a different angle or view.

With a varifocal camera, the security technician is able to adjust and fine-tune the focal length of the camera manually, with a simple lens adjustment to capture the field-of-view the customer prefers. This eliminates the requirement of having to physically re-install the camera to adjust focal length, like you would with a fixed lens security camera.

2. Installation Cost Savings

While a fixed-lens camera typically costs less than a varifocal camera up-front, the cost-savings is really the only benefit of choosing a fixed-lens over a varifocal camera.

However, the initial cost-savings may not be worth the extra time, money, or headache associated with having to re-install the fixed lens camera (or the expense of having to replace it altogether), in order to change the focal length or field-of-view. Not to mention the additional step of having the patch or fill-in the previously drilled holes in the wall or other location—of a prior fixed lens installation.

Furthermore, some fixed lens cameras may not provide the desired focal length, even after re-installing the camera.

A varifocal camera can actually save a customer more money in the long-run by offering the flexibility of changing the focal length at a present or future time, without having to physically remove the camera from the wall or ceiling, patching up the holes, and re-installing the camera to capture the desired focal length.

3. Motorized Varifocal Lens Options for Easy Installation

Some varifocal cameras feature motorized varifocal lenses. A motorized varifocal lens offers easy adjustment of the camera’s focal length and simplifies installation—it automatically focuses, eliminating user focus errors.

Additionally, if the lens is motorized, you can make field of view changes on the fly— remotely from the camera if needed.

4. Auto Iris Lenses for Better Outdoor Surveillance

Varifocal security cameras are equipped with an auto-iris lens, which makes the cameras better-suited for capturing outdoor scenes during changing lighting conditions.

Auto irises lenses more technologically advanced than fixed iris lenses. Auto irises are also motorized, which enables a varifocal camera to automatically adjust the opening of the iris, to adapt to changing lighting conditions throughout the day and night.

Varifocal Security Cameras

5. Greater Flexibility

Choosing to install a varifocal security camera instead of a fixed lens security camera at a customer’s job site provides far greater installation flexibility, along with the freedom to easily adjust the focal length, if the application or location requirements change.

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