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Top 10 Benefits of HD-TVI Technology

Posted on February 21, 2017 in HD Analog Security

The Benefits of HD-TVI Technology

HD-TVI is a format of HD Analog technology. HD-TVI delivers high-resolution megapixel surveillance video at a fraction of the price of IP, and is as simple to install and operate as traditional analog CCTV solutions.

Additionally, HD-TVI is capable of supporting longer cable runs than other HD Analog formats – up to 1600' on RG59 and 700' on CAT5, transmits video with ZERO latency, and offers significant compatibility advantages.

Here are 10 reasons to choose HD-TVI technology for your next surveillance application:

1. Megapixel Resolution

High-definition (HD) images provide forensic detail and zoom capabilities for facial recognition and license plate identification. HD-TVI produces high-resolution megapixel images and enables you to zoom in on video for closer forensic inspection.

2. Simple Installation

No IP-networking required! HD-TVI installs as easily as a standard analog CCTV camera or analog video security system. HD-TVI does not require a complex network infrastructure, so installation time is much quicker than installing an IP video security system.

3. Lower Cost

HD-TVI solutions offer megapixel resolution at a fraction of the cost of a comparable megapixel IP solution. Because HD-TVI security solutions do not require a complicated, expensive network infrastructure (like IP solutions require), they provide a much more cost-effective megapixel resolution security solution than a comparable IP security solution.

4. Zero Latency

Monitor video in real-time, without the transmission delays commonly found with IP solutions. The live video you see is actual video without any lag time, so you will never miss seeing important video due to a delay in transmission.

5. Low Cabling Requirements

Transmit HD video fast and with high signal quality. HD-TVI enables you to use your existing RG59, Cat5/6 coax cables, and twisted pair cabling like Cat 6 or most standard CCTV shielded cabling. The ability to utilize existing cabling to transmit HD video, which saves you money on cabling and installation costs.

6. Longer Transmission

Transmit HD video up to 1600' over RG59 cabling – 3x the distance of IP systems. HD-TVI offers the longest distance transmission over RG59 coax and lower quality cabling (compared to other HD Analog formats). This makes HD-TVI the ideal HD format for long distance installations with longer cable runs.

7. Transition Friendly

HD-TVI is compatible with existing CCTV cameras and existing coaxial cables. HD Analog enables you to use existing equipment, with the ability to transition to HD, when your surveillance needs and budget allows.

8. Analog Compatible

HD-TVI recorders are capable of recording video from ANY analog camera, on ANY channel, in ANY configuration. HD-TVI recorders are open source, backwards compatible with any analog camera and are not limited by channel or technology.

9. HD Analog Compatible

Unlike other HD Analog formats, HD-TVI recorders are compatible with ANY HD-TVI camera, as well as AHD and HD-CVI cameras, regardless of brand. Many of the other HD analog technologies are limited by brand and equipment compatibility.

10. IP Compatible

HD-TVI “Hybrid+” recorders accept a limited number of IP video inputs, on ANY channel, in ANY configuration. HD-TVI Hybrid+ recorders accept analog, HD-TVI and IP cameras, offering greater flexibility when it comes to your security application.

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