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School Security

6 Ways to Improve School Security and Safety

School security is top-of-mind for school administrators nationwide, and today’s schools face many challenges when it comes to school security and student safety.

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8 Winter Video Security System Maintenance Tips

Know how to maintain and get your video security system ready for winter with a few simple maintenance tips. You’ll learn which key areas of your video security system to inspect to ensure proper performance—during the cold winter season, and beyond.

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Are We Doing Enough to Make Our Schools Safe?

From entering the building to the school bus ride home, it is our duty to look for security gaps and gaffes. Here are some ways schools around the nation are working with security technology providers and legislators to help keep kids safe.

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Is Your Daycare Keeping Your Child Safe? 10 Checks to Help You Find Out

Recent news reports have prompted parents to pay closer attention to the security measures used at their children’s daycare centers. Follow these 10 checks to make sure your daycare is providing adequate protection for your children.

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7 Common-Sense Tips for College Students to Protect Personal Safety

Every day, college students are vulnerable to threats to their personal safety. Here are 7 common-sense tips for college students that will help protect their safety on campus.

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