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Law Enforcement

Auto Theft Prevention | Bait Vehicle Solutions

Car theft and the Burglary of Motor Vehicles (BMV) was a widespread problem for the Dallas Police Department (DPD) and the City of Dallas.

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Auto Theft Prevention | Bait Vehicles

How are the City of Dallas and the Dallas Police Department tackling this widespread problem and cracking down on car thieves? With the departments bait vehicle program.

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Law Enforcement Gear | Bait Vehicle Solutions

Burglary of Motor Vehicles (BMV) and Unauthorized Use of Vehicles (UUV) has been a widespread problem for the City of Dallas, and the Dallas Police Department (DPD).

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See How Video Security Systems Are Catching Criminals

It’s no secret that video surveillance systems and home security systems are instrumental for securing homes and businesses, and providing detailed, court-admissible video evidence—to catch and convict criminals.

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AVSI-10 Interview Room System Records Full-HD Video with Synchronized Audio

The AVS-I10 1-Camera HD-TVI 1080p Full-HD Resolution Interview Room Audio/Video Surveillance System is an easy-to-use interview room solution that provides a visual record of subject interviews and police interrogations—in sharp, detailed, high-definition video.Continue reading...

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