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Digital Video Recorders

The Benefits of HD-TVI Technology

HD-TVI is a format of HD Analog technology. HD-TVI delivers high-resolution megapixel surveillance video at a fraction of the price of IP, and is as simple to install and operate as traditional analog CCTV solutions.

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WD Purple Surveillance Hard Drives | WD SATA Hard Drives

WD Purple Hard Drives offer many advantages over standard desktop drives. Click for the top reasons to choose WD Purple surveillance camera hard drives.

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Everything You Need to Know About HD Analog Security

HD Analog is an alternative technology to IP video, delivering HD resolution video over traditional coaxial cable. HD Analog significantly reduces installation and operational complexity compared to IP, since HD Analog doesn’t require a complex network infrastructure.

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Looking to learn the basics of networking? Then check out the new Networking 101 article in our Learning Center to learn more.

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Optimizing your DVR security system is very important. Here are 11 tips to ensure that you get the most out of your DVR purchase.

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