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Surveillance Solutions for Burglary of Motor Vehicles

Burglary of Motor Vehicles (BMV) is the act of stealing goods from a parked vehicle. This category of theft is often referred to as “snatch and grab” and can include stealing loose car contents (smartphone, purse, or laptop) or car parts (radio, car seat, tires, or rims).

Covert vehicle monitoring programs are increasingly popular and are being implemented by law enforcement agencies nationwide to prevent and reduce incidences of burglary of motor vehicles.

Supercircuits’ BMV solutions have consistently delivered court-admissible video and audio evidence – both to track the stolen items, and to capture and convict the thieves.

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Customizable Solutions for YOUR Application

Our specialists will work with you to design a solution that meets your needs.
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Equipment + Installation + Support

Supercircuits’ BMV surveillance packages deliver cutting-edge technology, fully customizable for your specific application, installed and supported by our dedicated professional services team.

We also offer ongoing support and maintenance—so you never have to deal with the hassles or headaches of having to maintain your surveillance solution, or troubleshoot out in the field.

All Supercircuits BMV surveillance solutions include:

  • Professional design, installation and support services
  • Cutting-edge video, recording, and sensor technologies
  • Feature-rich client management software for single- or multi-vehicle viewing
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to talk to our covert vehicle surveillance solution specialists!