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    Save 20% on All IP Cameras and Recorders plus Free Shipping. Hurry offer ends 10/16/2018.
Guide to Mobile DVRs

Record video and audio on-the-go. Anytime. Anywhere.
Supercircuits mobile DVRs are ideal for school buses, commercial vehicles, police cars and more — from a single vehicle to an entire fleet management system. Our mobile DVR solutions enable you to minimize the risks associated with vehicle theft, while improving efficiency and productivity and reducing overall transportation and staffing costs.

Our rugged, high quality mobile DVRs are ideal for monitoring a wide range of vehicles:

Hard Drive
GPS Shock
File Format
Small Form


        Super Compact - 0.98 in (h) x 4.72 in (w) x 4.33 in (d)


      Super Compact - 0.78 in (h) x 4.5 in (w) x 3.6 in (d)


      Compact - 1.77 in (h) x 5.44 in (w) x 7.1 in (d)


      Standard - 4 in (h) x 8 in (w) x 11 in (d)


        Standard - 2.9 in (h) x 6.2 in (w) x 7.2 in (d)

Differences between a mobile DVR and a regular analog DVR

Anti-Vibration Features:
As you might guess, mobile DVRs have anti-vibration technology to protect the device from bumps and normal movement a vehicle may endure and ensure video quality.

More advanced mobile DVRs include a GPS (which can be built-in to the device or external) so location and speed information can overlay the video.

More inputs:
Mobile DVRs can be programmed to begin recording at multiple types of events, such as: starting the vehicle, alarms, doors opening (like in buses and bait cars), signals (left/right turn), speed, siren activation, and more. This requires more inputs than a typical DVR might have.

Mobile DVRs are available as 1 or 4-channel units, meaning you can only have up to 4 cameras per unit. Also, mobile DVRs are only available in analog models (traditional DVRs are available in IP and HD-SDI models as well.

Tip: Add one to a teenager's car

We don't need to cite a study for you to believe that teenagers behave differently if they know they are being watched, particularly new teen drivers. Adding a mobile DVR to a teenager's car will give you the ability to check in whenever you want, see and hear what is going on, and monitor your teen's location in real-time with the GPS. This will help your teen make responsible decisions and provide additional safety and peace of mind.

Get started with an entry-level model

  • Records 1 camera and 1 audio channel
  • Records on standard SD card (not included)
  • Operates on 5-30 Volts at 150 m A

Mobile DVR


Add GPS for more capabilities

  • Records D1 resolution @ 30 fps with H.264 compression
  • Built in GPS capabilities
  • Multiple sensor inputs for speed, ignition and more

Mobile DVR


  • Records 4 cameras and 4 audio channels
  • Includes speed and shock sensor data
  • Operates on 8-36 Volts dc

Mobile DVR


Manage a fleet... or one delivery truck

  • Includes lockable security enclosure with anti-vibration
  • Embedded operating system
  • External GPS
  • Multiple recording options

Mobile DVR


Robust, professional solution for demanding applications

  • Great for covert applications
  • Real-time monitoring anywhere in cellular or Wi-Fi coverage areas

4-Channel Remote
View Mobile DVR


Complete your purchase with an in-car camera

Any of our analog cameras will work with the mobile DVRs above. These mobile cameras are recommended because of their design features are well-suited for mobile environments:

Mobile Rear View Video Surveillance Camera



Right Side Mount 15' IR Day/Night Mobile Camera



Rear View 15' IR Day/Night Mobile Camera with Audio