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    Save 20% on All IP Cameras and Recorders plus Free Shipping. Hurry offer ends 10/16/2018.

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Access Control Hardware
Our access control hardware includes IP door controllers, ready-to-install door kits, fully-configured multi-door servers, and I/O panels.



Readers and Credentials
We offer fully-integrated proximity readers, access cards and access control credentials for building access control systems.



Access Control Accessories
We offer an extensive range of access control accessories, designed to support your door access control needs.



Why Consider Electronic Access Control?

The installation of an EAC solution goes far beyond physical security. Although this may be the primary purpose for an EAC solution, the reasons for considering EAC go far beyond the obvious. Consider these situations:


Restrict access to people in certain areas of your building, or to the entire building, depending on their authority level


Make tracking keys and replacing lost keys a thing of the past


Identify irregularities in the location of employees, contract workers, or suppliers


Control multiple access points remotely during emergency situations


Alter access levels on the fly, on demand, or as scheduled, with browser-based software


Easily expand your EAC system to include new capabilities like fingerprint readers, iris scans, and facial recognition

Electronic Access Control (EAC) may feel too confusing to tackle, with a myriad of options and features to consider, as well as the added complexity of locks and readers. What if you could find a solution that simplifies the installation process, saves money in the hardware required and uses web-based technology so that users of any skill level can manage the entire system?

IP access control products by infinias™.


infinias makes access control easy. Install one eIDC controller locally at each door and connect it to the nearest Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch with a single Cat-5/6 cable. Doors can be added anywhere the network goes, making it easy and cost effective to build a system one door at a time. Combine the controller with the Access software to create a highly scalable solution that can be deployed within one building, or across multiple locations around the world.


Experience the power of IP-based
electronic access control today.

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IP Power over Ethernet Is Easy!

Power over Ethernet (PoE) may seem daunting if you've never used it before. Here's why it's easier than the alternative:

  • Run one cable to the door (vs. 12-16 conductors home-run)
  • Single cable includes both power and data (no additional power outlets required)
  • eIDC32 mounts in a standard double gang box
  • Power all door peripherals from the controller (no need for clunky power supplies)
  • Plug and play (limited configuration required)

Features and Benefits of infinias IP-based Access Control

Combine the Ethernet Integrated Door Controller, eIDC32, with the browser-based management application, Access and feel the power of infinias.


IP-based access control


Leverage existing network infrastructure, connect with a single CAT5 cable
PoE (Power over Ethernet)
Power door peripherals from the controller and lower cabling costs by reducing the length and number of wires
Small form factor – measures only 2 in tall
Simple installation with a double gang box
Browser-based user interface
No need for 'client' software and supports any device that can browse the internet
Virtual machine support
Eliminates the need for server hardware and maximizes scalability


The story of IP and the infinias solution

What is IP Access Control?

The security market started shifting towards IP with IP cameras. Now access control is making the same move, to single door edge devices connected via the corporate network. The eIDC was the first IP based door controller, launched in January 2006 it has been leading the way ever since.

IP Access Control

infinias is IP to the door, the first true IP solution to push access control to the edge of the network with the infinias eIDC, released in 2006.

To many infinias seems too simple; no central panels, no special wiring, just a single door controller and ethernet. But this captures the essence of IP, single purpose edge devices that leverages the existing network infrastructure.

Not only is the infinias eIDC module powered by PoE but the card reader, strike and other DC peripherals are also supplied power from the eIDC controller. Truly one CAT-5/6 cable from the nearest PoE switch to the door is all you need for most doors.

A true IP solution is more than just the right hardware

infinias Access software takes IP one step farther with an access control management interface that requires no client application or client licensing.

With a web-based server leveraging the latest Microsoft technologies and a browser based client that works with all the latest browsers and many smart devices such as Apple's iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Droid you can access your system from anywhere with nothing to install on the workstation.

Secure your facility with access control that is simple to implement and easy to expand

The infinias solution, completely leveraging IP to the edge, makes your access control system simple to get started and simple to expand.

Start with one door and scale up to however many doors you need one at a time, anywhere your network goes, across the hall, street or country, even around the world. With such an easy path to securing your facilities you can have it all.

What Makes infinias IP-based Access Control Unique?


Small Yet Powerful

The eIDC32 single door controller delivers the power you need in the smallest form factor in the industry, managing up to 64,000 credentials when paired with the Access® browser-based software. Server down? No problem, this intelligent little device buffers 16,000 local events until connectivity is restored.


Piece of Cake

The eIDC32 single door controller draws all its power and data from a single CAT5/CAT6 cable connected from the nearest network switch. Leverage PoE (Power over Ethernet) capabilities to power door peripherals like readers, strikes, magnetic locks, request to exit buttons, and motion sensors.


Will Travel

Access® has the power to go anywhere your network goes. An unlimited number of doors are available on the browser-based access control management application, no matter where in the world the doors are located.


Fired Up

Access Professional includes LDAP integration for Active Directory Synchronization and Calendar integration with Microsoft Exchange and Outlook or Google Calendar for ad hoc scheduling requirements. Access Corporate offers multi tier management capabilities for decentralized management of zones, groups, and cardholders while maintaining centralized control of schedules.


Simple, Scalable, Secure. That's infinias.