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Feature-Packed, User‑Friendly Interface

Common video management software for all Alibi recorders


All Alibi recorders use common video management software, minimizing both the cost and learning curve in switching between Analog, Analog HD, and IP technologies. Running on a stable Linux-embedded operating system, the Alibi VMS is intuitive, easy to use, and with a range of powerful features.

Alibi UI Features

Local Monitoring

Intelligent recording - Define continuous or event-based recording per camera.
Custom live view - Supports 1/4/6/8/9/16 camera configurations, and adjustable display sequence.
Live view cycles - Manual and automatic cycles, per camera or groups of cameras, with adjustable intervals.
Real-time alarms - For motion detection, video tampering detection and video loss.
PTZ support - Multiple PTZ modes supported, including preset, patrol and pattern.
Digital zoom - Zoom in by clicking the mouse and PTZ tracing by dragging mouse.

“Smart” Features

Smart tags - Create tags that represent events of interest (such as “shoplifting”) and search your video library to quickly access all tagged events at a later time.
Smart search - Define an area within your image and search for motion only within that area – to quickly locate video of a new/missing object, or events in a specific location.
External search - Search video that has been offloaded to a USB drive.
5-minute instant playback - At the touch of a button, replay the last 5 minutes of recorded video for quick reference.
Smart lock - Protect defined video clips from being erased or recorded over.

Powerful Search

Timeline search
Event search of motion-activated recordings
Tag search of tagged events
Smart search within a defined area
External search of offloaded video

Easy Export

Flexible export options - Via network or to USB.
Quick playback window - For video verification prior to export.
Universal video format - MP4 video files supported by most players (including Mac).

Alibi NVR User Interface Overview

Alibi Video Playback Overview


Common UI for All Three Alibi Technologies

All Alibi recording devices use the same video management software – Analog, Analog HD, and IP.

Alibi Analog Solutions

Alibi Analog Solutions

Analog cameras and DVRs feature the latest 960H high-resolution recording and live-view capabilities – providing you with weeks of crystal clear video evidence.

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Alibi HD Analog Solutions

Alibi HD Analog Solutions

The many benefits of HD analog include high-definition video over coax cabling, easy installation, and megapixel resolution for less than a comparable IP solution.

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Alibi IP Solutions

Alibi IP Solutions

Get the benefits of a network IP recording solution, without the complexity. Alibi IP cameras and NVRs offer plug-and-play surveillance, saving you time and hassle.

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