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Patrol Cameras and Patrol Video Camera

Designed to stand up to the rigorous demands of daily patrol, these body-worn cameras include built-in DVRs to record everything an officer sees and hears in the field. Our field-tested patrol equipment is engineered for continuous use to deliver seamless video recording, whether you are inside of a patrol car, or performing your tour-of-duty on a bike or on foot.

These easy-to-use patrol video recording solutions are equipped with desired features such as rugged housing, synchronized video and audio capture, convenient storage and easy offloading of video. Patrol video solutions are as essential as a firearm—protecting both your safety and the public, and shielding you from false claims and liabilities.

Our patrol video surveillance solutions are easy-to-deploy and come with free lifetime US-based technical support! Have questions? Call 877-995-2288 today to speak with one of our security experts.

Advantages of Patrol Cameras

The use of video security technology in covert law enforcement and tactical operations continues to increase. These devices have become ultra-small in comparison to camcorders and are packed with features that make them ideal in a tactical environment, such as foot patrols and corrections.

When your agency is ready to select your next patrol or raid camera, you should consider a camera that offers the following features:

Officers' Perspective and Safety

The most important benefits for police agencies are officer safety and the documentation of activities from the officers’ perspective. Cameras that can be helmet or vest mounted enable both hands to be free and allow the officer to protect themselves and others, even while evidence is being gathered. Secondly, body-worn cameras capture whatever the officer views from their perspective, capturing evidence while the officer moves.

Rugged, Waterproof Construction

Ensure that the camera has a durable, rugged metal construction that can withstand rigorous activities during searches and extractions. Waterproofing is also useful so that the camera is impervious to fluids and outdoor operations.

Easy Operation

Gloves? No problem. Make sure that the camera is designed for officers who are wearing gloves, and that camera operation is simple and the controls are easy to find.

Handheld Use

As an alternative, the camera should be able to be used in a handheld fashion to match existing department practices.

Long Run-Time

A long run-time of at least three hours on a single charge should be a requirement for patrol cameras.

Wide Field of View

Most camcorders offer a field of view of 90° or less, so look for a camera that delivers at least 135°. Having to worry less about where the camera is orientated is, again, another feature that keeps officers attention on controlling situations and keeping everyone involved safe.

For more information about our patrol camera options, please contact the Supercircuits law enforcement division at 877-995-2288.

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