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    Save 25% on Supercircuits gear over $399. Sale ends 9/22/17.

Solutions for Hotel Stings

Thanks to the internet, prostitution, human trafficking, and drug selling are no longer concentrated on the streets. Now, it’s easy for a prostitute, pimp, or drug trafficker to post an ad on the internet and do business in the comfort of major-chain hotels. In many areas of the U.S., more providers of these services have been caught through postings on Craigslist or other internet sites than have been arrested on the streets.

The hotels most commonly used are those:

Located in safe communities, with often upscale hotel options, due to lack of scrutiny when checking in

Situated with the easiest access to interstates

Allowing early check-ins, letting criminals to do their business during the lunch hour

For these reasons, many more law enforcement departments are finding themselves conducting hotel stings. For law enforcement officials, hotel stings offer distinct advantages. Firstly, they control the entire environment. There is often ample time to set up video and audio surveillance. Secondly, adjoining rooms in a hotel allow arresting officers to enter the room through a common door without alerting other hotel occupants or passersby.

Setting up a Hotel Sting Room

Set Up the Wireless Monitored Camera

Officer safety during a hotel sting is paramount. There must be surveillance officers who can monitor the UC (undercover officer) for the client take-down signals and established distress signals. The most common scenario is to outfit the UC with a bodyworn micro camera and transmitter. Alternatively, you could set up a fixed camera in the sting room and connect it to your transmitter to watch your UC. The receiver, DVR, and screen should be located nearby in the monitoring room.


Add Backup Covert Cameras

Capture every angle of the room to ensure you have the video and audio evidence you need to prosecute the target and protect your team. These cameras can run undetected for the length of your sting to cover every angle.


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