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  • Save 25% on Supercircuits gear over $399. Sale ends 9/22/17.
    Save 25% on Supercircuits gear over $399. Sale ends 9/22/17.

Covert Camera Kits and Covert Surveillance Kits

A covert camera kit is are designed to provide an all-in-one, portable covert surveillance solution that’s easy to deploy. Our covert surveillance kits include the cameras, recorder, cables and accessories needed for undercover surveillance applications. Equipment and components are conveniently contained in a rugged Pelican case for easy storage and transportation to-and-from a location. The camera kits are equipped with the latest features and capabilities, including options that offer audio recording along with video. And, unlike a fixed covert solution that needs to stay in one place, our cost-effective hidden camera kits can be set up on-the-fly and moved from location-to-location with ease — saving set up time and enabling greater flexibility. Power up and you’re ready to go! Need assistance? Call 877-995-2288 today to speak with one of our law enforcement security experts.

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