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Components for Bait Cars and Anti-Vehicle Theft Surveillance

Covert vehicle surveillance solutions, often referred to as “bait cars” or “bait vehicles”, provide law enforcement agencies with the technology required to win the fight against Auto Theft, including Burglary of Motor Vehicles (BMV) and the Unauthorized Use of Motor Vehicles (UUMV). Bait vehicles are an effective force multiplier, and provide agencies with the court-admissible video and audio evidence needed to catch and convict criminals.

While Supercircuits highly recommends an all-in-one solution – including the equipment, installation and support services required for a successful operation, we understand that some law enforcement agencies prefer to purchase components to build their own bait car solutions. For these agencies, we offer a complete selection of mobile DVRs, micro board cameras, microphones, and other surveillance gear to meet a wide range of application needs. Our proven components for bait cars are durable and tested to withstand the rigors of 24/7 field surveillance.

All of our components for setting up a bait car come with free lifetime technical support. Have questions or need assistance? Our team of law enforcement security experts is ready to assist you with everything from product selection to designing a solution that meets your specific needs. Call 877-972-2522 today..

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