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The FBI reports that nearly 400,000 burglaries occur during November and December alone. Of those 400,000, single family homes are the most frequent victims. Did you know that 70% of burglars are amateurs, just looking for easy targets?

Over the past 20 years, literally thousands of customers have told us: "I can't understand how I've lived without a video security system for so long."

A good video surveillance system should deter criminals, protect your family or employees, alert you to events, and provide solid evidence should something happen. These articles will help you to pick the right video security system to protect your home or business.

4-Camera 65' IR Outdoor Video Security System with 1TB HDD

  • See in complete darkness up to 65 ft
  • Features a high performance 4-channel DVR with 1TB hard drive
  • View on popular internet browsers
4-Camera 65' IR Outdoor Video Security System with 1TB HDD

4-Camera 65' IR Day/Night Outdoor System with 17" LCD

  • 24-hour surveillance
  • View remotely via the internet or
  • FREE iPhone and Android app available
4-Camera 65' IR Day/Night Outdoor Video Surveillance System with 17

4-Camera 50' IR H.264 Outdoor System with 500GB an 17" LCD

  • Networkable H.264 DVR with 500GB HDD
  • View remotely via the internet or
  • See up to 50′ in complete darkness
4-Camera 50' IR H.264 Outdoor Security System with 500GB Hard Drive and LCD Monitor

11 Benefits of Owning a Video Security System

In addition to catching criminals, a well- designed security system will protect your assets, result in a safer environment, and help you manage your business or home. Discover these 11 ways your video security system will pay for itself.

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Before & After Crime Occurs: Preparation & What to Expect

Mistakes made by video surveillance users often contribute to criminals avoiding arrest. Owning a security system is only half the battle. Learn about the key actions that will help you prepare your system BEFORE a crime occurs, and tips to help you know how to react WHEN a crime occurs.

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Make a Video Security System Your New Year's Resolution

Video cameras are not just for banks, convenience stores, and retail chains anymore. Thanks to easy installation and dramatically lower prices more homeowners are using video surveillance systems to protect their home, and are discovering unforeseen benefits.

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Burglary Prevention Tips for the Holidays

To make sure you and your home don't make the next crime report, let's look at what burglars are looking for and how to improve security for the holidays and all year long.

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10 Ways Your Business is Susceptible to Theft

Studies estimate that a business can prevent 25-50% of criminal activity by employing video security system. At today's crime rates, this investment will pay for itself in months.

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