The Benefits of WD Purple Hard Drives

All of our video security systems come equipped with WD Purple™ surveillance-class hard drives that are specifically designed for the rigorous demands of 24/7 surveillance applications. The Purple line of Western Digital hard drives delivers smooth, seamless recording and storage of video—around-the-clock.

WD Purple surveillance camera hard drives offer compatibility for a wide range of surveillance systems along with easy storage expansion for existing video security systems.

WD Purple Surveillance-Class Hard Drives vs Standard Desktop Hard Drives

Video surveillance applications place enormous demands on hard drive storage.

Standard desktop drives are simply not built to handle the constant demands of security and surveillance applications and have a very high failure rate with continuous use. Standard desktop drives are engineered to run for only short intervals of time and are not designed to withstand high-temperatures and equipment vibrations, common with continuous operation.

WD Purple surveillance hard drives are specifically engineered for continuous, around-the-clock surveillance. The surveillance-class hard drives deliver proven reliability, along with smoother video streaming and video playback. WD Purple SATA hard drives deliver the performance needed to operate within a continuous surveillance environment.

How Standard Desktop Drives Compare to WD Purple Hard Drives

Standard Desktop Drives

  • High failure rate for video security applications. Not designed for 24/7 surveillance environments and cannot withstand the high temperature and vibration of running continuously, resulting in hard drive failure.
  • Not designed or tested for continuous surveillance environments. The firmware is not compatible with a wide range of surveillance systems.
  • Potential integration and difficulties upgrading. Consumer drives have poor performance with higher camera counts, offering little room for system upgrading and expansion.
  • While many do offer low power consumption, consumer-grade drives are not as power-efficient as security-grade hard drives.
  • Limited warranty, typically 1-year.

WD Purple Hard Drives

  • Low failure rate (designed for continuous surveillance). Drives are designed to handle high temperatures and reduce vibration during continuous surveillance.
  • Designed and tested for continuous use and compatible with a wide range of surveillance systems.
  • Easy upgrade and expansion of existing surveillance systems. WD Purple hard drives are optimized to support up to 32 high-definition surveillance cameras, giving you the flexibility to upgrade and expand your security system in the future.
  • Engineered for low power consumption (up to 45% more power efficient than the competition when the drive is idle, streaming, writing, reading, and spinning up).
  • Multi-year warranty covers continuous use.

6 Reasons to Choose WD Purple Hard Drives

  1. Built for 24/7 Surveillance – Engineered for around-the-clock surveillance, WD Purple drives deliver the performance needed to operate within a high-temperature, continuous surveillance environment and reduce equipment vibration, prolonging hard drive life.
  2. Exclusive AllFrame™ Technology – AllFrame technology works with ATA streaming to reduce frame loss and improve video playback. AllFrame technology reduces the video interruptions that are common to standard desktop drives when used for storage of surveillance video.
  3. Engineered for Compatibility – Widely compatible with industry-leading chassis and chip set manufacturers, WD Purple drives offer seamless integration into your new or existing surveillance platform.
  4. Flexible Systems Expansion – Supporting up to 32 high-definition (HD) security cameras, WD Purple drives provide you with the flexibility to upgrade and expand your security system in the future, as your needs grow.
  5. Lower Power Consumption – IntelliSeek™ technology calculates the optimal seek speeds, which in-turn lowers power consumption, which is critical for high-temperature 24/7 surveillance environments. IntelliSeek technology also prolongs hard drive life.
  6. Extensive Testing – An extended thermal cycling burn-in test is performed on WD Purple drives to ensure reliable operation.

WD Purple hard drives offer numerous advantages for security applications. Not only are they engineered to deliver the reliability and performance needed for 24/7 surveillance environments, WD Purple drives offer compatibility with a wide range of surveillance systems and provide a simple, cost-effective upgrade and expansion path for existing video security systems.