Top 6 Locations for Office Hidden Cameras

Along with a video security system, hidden cameras provide an additional line of defense for an office or place of business. Business owners rely on hidden cameras to complement an existing video security system and monitor employee behavior, deter vandalism and theft, and improve overall safety.

There are a number of camera locations that are advantageous for providing optimal hidden surveillance coverage for offices.

Here are the best locations for hidden security cameras in the office:

1. Reception Areas

The reception desk is the first point of entry for employees and visitors at your office. Placing a camera in this high-traffic location will help you monitor who enters and when. A well-designed covert camera is easily concealed in office environments and is virtually undetectable.

A picture frame or clock radio hidden camera works well for a reception desk and provides an effective surveillance solution. A covert teller camera is another option that provides excellent facial recognition of individuals entering the area.

2. Break Rooms

A hidden camera placed in an employee break room can help improve employee safety, deter vandalism of vending machines, and monitor employee behavior for safety, as well as provide video evidence for harassment and accident claims.

A wall clock hidden camera blends in well inside a break room and is a great choice for monitoring the area undetected. A covert camera can be a powerful tool to monitor and stop inappropriate behavior and reduce liability.

3. Office Supply and File Rooms

Keep sensitive documents, office supplies and equipment secure by installing a video camera in file and supply rooms. A hidden camera can help you keep an eye on employees to see who may be stealing office supplies such as printer cartridges for personal use or accessing files and records that are confidential.

A ceiling mounted hidden camera such as a smoke detector or sprinkler head can provide a wide angle 360° view of these areas and offer an effective security solution.

4. Loading Docks

Loading docks are prime targets for theft. A hidden security camera placed near a loading dock enables you to monitor deliveries and inventory coming in and going out of your facility. Monitoring a loading dock enables you to deter theft, improve safety, and protect your business from false worker’s compensation claims. An electrical box camera or floodlight camera is ideal for monitoring loading docks.

5. Warehouses

Protect valuable inventory by installing a hidden camera in your warehouse. A hidden camera disguised as an emergency light enables business managers to keep a watchful eye on warehouses to deter inventory theft, monitor employee behavior and improve safety.

The Chamber of Commerce estimates that employee theft costs employers between $20 billion and $40 billion a year. Warehouses are prime targets for employee theft, and a hidden camera can catch dishonest employees in the act.

6. Dumpsters

Why is it important to monitor dumpsters and trash receptacle areas? It’s common for employees to steal by throwing various items in the trash and returning later to retrieve those items. You can install a hidden camera floodlight, electrical box or loudspeaker to capture video of unwanted activity near dumpsters.