As of May 2015, all Tirade WIP series wireless access points feature an updated firmware version, enhancing both performance and stability.

The latest version of Tirade firmware features an upgrade from iPoll to a proprietary iPoll2 transmission mode. iPoll2 transmission mode uses a centralized control scheme and ensures smooth packet transmission of voice, video, and data, and features a smarter polling method than iPoll—polling data more often.

If you have previously purchased Tirade WIP series wireless access points and are adding new units to expand your wireless security solution—please make sure that the firmware matches. Because iPoll2 is a proprietary format, all integrated Tirade WIP devices need to be running the latest version of firmware—to ensure seamless communication between devices.

Below are the Tirade firmware upgrade release notes, along with a link to firmware updating instructions.

NOTE: Before you begin any firmware updates, please read the entire set of instructions for updating the firmware.

Are You Running the Latest Tirade Firmware?

To ensure seamless communication between all Tirade devices, please verify that you’re using the latest (and most secure) firmware, we provide the following resources:

  • Visit our current firmware page for latest releases, release notes and upgrade instructions, and read the entire set of instructions before performing a firmware update.
  • Search for your product online, and select the “Resources” tab for all related SW releases and release notes
  • Call our technical support team for assistance in performing the upgrade process

NOTE: NOTE: Upgrading to the latest version of firmware will also allow you to take advantage of new features and functionality that has been added to the software since you purchased or last upgraded your product.