The Client

Five years ago, Ronald, a police officer in West Virginia, purchased a surveillance system for his home. Working overtime so often motivated him to buy an on-premises security system that would give him the ability to view live footage of his property and pets even while he was at work.

The Challenge

While his on-premise security system provided the basics like 24/7 surveillance, he didn't anticipate how expensive the upkeep would be. Two failed hard drives cost him over a thousand dollars in replacement fees.

The Solution

After getting a recommendation from a fellow police officer, Ronald chose cloud video security solutions for two main reasons:

•Free mobile app. Ronald wanted to be able to access his security system at any time from anywhere easily. The Supercircuits mobile app allows him to watch live or recorded video from any mobile device. He had four cloud-enabled cameras added to every critical area of his home.

•No on-premise equipment. Replacing an on-premise system with a cloud-based security system led to immediate savings. Because he no longer has to worry about failed hard drives, he’s automatically putting money back in his pocket. Since it’s all tied into a monthly subscription, he never again has to factor in hidden or unexpected costs.

The Outcome

With this new cloud security system in place, Ronald now has a fully secure and super reliable video surveillance system. If an intruder enters his property, he’s able to capture trespasser activity and get instant alerts on his smartphone. Without on-premise equipment to manage, fix, or repair, Ronald now has the peace of mind that his system is always on and always recording

View this full residential surveillance solution Success Story. (PDF 176KB)

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