Covert Field Surveillance Cellular-Based Devices

I recommend employing covert video equipment in tandem with traditional security approaches to aid in the apprehension of criminals that leverage the remote nature and natural seclusion of parks. Part 3 of a 3 part blog series.

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Covert Technology

For technology, there are several great choices of covert video gear designed specifically to meet the field surveillance needs of law enforcement. All of these can be placed into three main categories, trail cameras, video based devices and cellular-based devices.

Cellular-Based Devices

WatchBoxes are a new a trend in covert law enforcement surveillance. They are cellular-based devices and can truly be counted as a force multiplier. Agents can deploy this gear, go about other duties and become involved when auto notifications of activity from the unit are received. Here are some of the core features:

WatchBox deployment
  1. Notification – Most cellular-based devices use a built in video motion feature to detect activity and in response transmit an email. Some systems even provide SMS notifications in conjunction with email notifications for increased alert speed.
  2. Remote Observation – When prompted by notification, law enforcement officers can log in via laptop or smart phone, view live video and listen in to what's happening.
  3. PTZ Control – Additionally, many systems provide provisions for PTZ cameras. Control of the PTZ is typically done by a mouse driven GUI or controlled by simply dragging a finger across the screen on a smart phone.
  4. Remote Management – The ability to remotely manage the system, playback recorded video and export video evidence is critically important in a cellular-based system.

With the features that cellular-based video systems deliver, agencies experience tremendous benefits:

  • No need for internet infrastructure – everything is done through cellular service
  • Force multiplication – you can set up the unit and leave it until notified
  • Event notifications – for immediate reaction when something happens
  • Undisturbed scenes – critically important when the suspects may be internal in nature

Applications for cellular-based systems are not limited to the wilderness. They have proven very useful for buildings and offices that require rapid insertion with minimal attention and often do not have a provisioned internet source. Additionally, cellular-based systems are proving excellent tools in BMV (Burglary of Motor Vehicles) applications.

Thieves today easily recognize that morning joggers tend to leave wallets and other valuables in their cars. Cellular-based WatchBox systems deployed in parks have been the demise of many car burglars with the email notification and live streaming.

Regardless of the covert video technology selected, covert technology is effective and valuable especially important in these tough economic times. Five advantages for covert video:

  1. Removes undesired elements
  2. Portable
  3. Easy to operate
  4. Works in tandem with traditional measures
  5. Relative low cost

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