The Client

Located just outside of Dallas, Texas, Outdoor Powersports USA (OPUSA) is one of Texas's fastest-growing dealerships for outdoor vehicles such as ATVs, motorcycles, golf carts, and trailers.

The Challenge

OPUSA was planning on expanding their dealership operations to accommodate additional inventory and services. Because OPUSA was previously the victim of multiple break-ins—resulting in stolen ATVs, motorcycles, and trailers—they wanted to ensure proper security coverage for any new expansion. Despite having an existing security system, OPUSA needed to address the following security needs:

•Flexibility and Scalability. One of their greatest needs in a security system was the ability to easily expand their video security coverage for these new areas. Despite already having a traditional video security system, their existing solution would not support new buildings on the property or dealership expansion in new locations. They needed the ultimate in flexibility to add channel count as needed as the business continued to grow.

•On-Premise Equipment = Unsecured video footage. Due to the increased frequency of break-ins and stolen merchandise from their property, the owners were worried that the thefts would result in the video recorder getting stolen, removing all evidence that could be sent to the authorities. They could choose to invest in a secure, locked ‘video closet’ to protect the recorder and hard drive, but they didn’t want to put more money into a system that might not have the capability to easily support future growth at the dealership.

•Real-time Event Alerts. The owners wanted a system that would offer robust analytics and send real-time alerts (by email and mobile device) of security events on the property

The Solution

After considering several options, they decided to replace their on-premise security system with a cloud video security platform because it gave them both the capabilities and peace of mind of an off-premise recording and flexible storage solution. They installed seventeen 4.0-Megapixel Alibi cloud-enabled dome cameras externally in their most critical areas for high-resolution coverage. Cloud VS features include:

•Direct camera to cloud video capture and storage. They never have to worry about a recorder being stolen or tampered with because their new cloud solution records footage directly to the cloud, to an an ultra-secure T4 data center, with triple redundancy. Once the video footage is recorded to the cloud, it is available via smartphone or desktop, anywhere, and anytime.

•24/7 surveillance and powerful real-time alerts. Their cloud cameras include Starlight sensors that deliver color video even in the middle of the night, using ambient light to achieve sharp video footage 24/7 to secure their property. They can now set up analytics, like line crossing or intrusion alerts, that allow them to know when unauthorized activity occurs at their facility. This includes instant, real-time notification to their mobile device so they can view the property and download video evidence to send to authorities. Additionally, they can schedule these alerts by daypart, so they are only turned on when no one is at the property, reducing false alarms' potential.

•Scalable features for a growing business. Choosing a cloud-based security system has provided OP USA with a truly scalable security system that can adapt to their needs over time. Whether they grow to multiple locations or need additional protection for critical, key areas (such as the backlot or store entrance), they can now add more cameras and increase or decrease their storage on demand.

•Cost-effective surveillance. A cloud video system provides the owners with a cost-effective way to manage security by automatically streaming their video footage to the cloud. They no longer have to worry about out-of-pocket maintenance or labor fee costs. It’s automatically handled for them in the cloud– allowing them to put money back into their business where it counts.

The Outcome

Within a few short months, OPUSA has captured three robberies with their cloud-enabled cameras – leading to arrests on the spot. Every time someone trespasses on their property, their cloud cameras alert them to their mobile device as it's occurring in real-time. Within seconds, they can view and upload the footage and send it to the authorities. Because their new cloud video security system provides 24/7 recording to an off-site cloud-based platform, they never have to worry about on-premise equipment to protect or maintain– which has already put hundreds of dollars back in their pockets. As they continue to expand and grow, their cloud system's scalability features allow them to increase or decrease their storage, cameras, and users at a moment’s notice – providing OPUSA with an ultra-secure video security solution for years to come

View the Outdoor Power Sports Success Story. (PDF 504KB)

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