The Client

Iron County (IC) is a full-service medical center offering full-suite patient care, including radiology, physical and respiratory therapy, along with an on-site operating room, ER, and laboratory.

The Challenge

Because their one location was growing in terms of staff and service offerings, they knew they needed a video surveillance system to ensure they remained HIPAA compliant and reduce their IT department’s workload while also supporting their growth. This required them to meet four key challenges:

•Remotely overseeing operational integrity one of their most critical needs was the ability to remotely access live and recorded footage. Due to federally regulated healthcare compliance guidelines that required employees to follow standard operating procedures, they needed the ability to monitor all locations through one easy-to-use interface via their laptop or mobile device. This was especially important since shift managers and IC owners were frequently on the road and unable to view employee activity in-person.

•Time-consuming system management with three NVR’s and a few dozen security cameras, managing their on-premise system became a tedious task for their IT department – the more they grew and expanded as a business, the more time-consuming keeping up with system updates, routine maintenance, and adding or disabling users became. When an incident occurred, retrieving footage was tedious (which required IT to manually log into each NVR separately to view footage with the associated camera). These tasks become more frequent over time, as compliance law changed and their business grew, taking time away from other critical IT activities.

•Multiple user logins to manage because of their continuous growth, adding and deleting users to the security system needed to be simple. Iron County administration required the ability to easily access the security system, whether on-site or on the road, while also providing the administration with the ability to change or adjust credentials themselves instead of depending on their IT team every time they experienced a change in management.

•Video storage that ensures they remain HIPAA compliant. Since they had experienced hardware failure in the past, IC owners were concerned about ensuring the integrity of their video evidence. State compliance laws required them to retain video footage for up to 60 days, so they needed an ultra-secure security system that could guarantee their data for as long as they needed. Additionally, they wanted to minimize on-site equipment to prevent compromising their security footage and out-of-pocket expenses. They needed a cost-effective solution to reliable video capture, accessible 24/7, and the ability to add unlimited cameras and users as business needs dictate.

The Solution

Iron County was already using an on-premise system that consisted of three NVRs and several dozen cameras. Rather than adding more recorders - that would require even more maintenance - they decided to choose Cloud video surveillance as their primary video security solution. Their local dealer upgraded 15 existing IP cameras to cloud-enabled through a firmware update, and IC added another 25 new cloud-enabled cameras for coverage in other critical areas. With their cloud video surveillance solution, they’re no longer limited to channel counts and can add on as many cloud cameras as they need in the future – giving them ultimate flexibility and scalability as their business continues to grow. Since their installation, they’ve realized the following benefits:

•Reduces setup costs

Moving to a cloud-based system was quick and straightforward to implement. Their IT team installed their cameras, configured them to the internet, added them to their Cloud video surveillance system, and were ready to go! An easy setup that took minutes allowed IT team members to focus on other key issues.

•Security without compromise

Cloud video surveillance can be installed on the current network without compromising network integrity. Cameras stream directly to the cloud using a secure SSL/TCP connection, encrypting video as it leaves the camera and then again when it hits the T4 data center for retention.

•Simplified, cost-effective approach to their system’s maintenance

Unlike a traditional solution that requires additional recorders and cameras for each new location, along with an IT team to troubleshoot and perform regular firmware updates and maintenance, they quickly realized it would help save them money and resources. Cloud video surveillance has allowed them to free up their IT team to focus on other priorities.

•Flexibility to scale camera count and storage

As their organization grows, they can continue to add unlimited cameras to their system without running into channel constraints. And if they decide they want to increase or decrease the length of time for video storage retention, they can do that with a single call, and it is changed instantly.

•Easy user management

With a growing organization came more turnover and increased demands to update user access and permissions for the security system. Cloud video surveillance makes what was once a time-consuming process super simple and easy. All users can be viewed and managed from a single dashboard that makes it simple to add new users, disable ex-employees, and control user permissions at the agranular level – by the camera, region, and location.

•Security that is up to date

Additionally, Cloud video surveillance offers state-of-the-art, built-in cybersecurity that automatically provides the latest firmware and software updates, and installs firmware updates for cameras and recorders. Their video footage is stored in a T4 data center offering triple redundancy, guaranteeing uninterrupted footage and stored as long as they need it.

The Outcome

With Cloud video surveillance implemented at their busiest clinic, Iron County is already looking to bring a second location online and continue the rollout. IC owners have already realized that Cloud video surveillance makes monitoring the safety of staff and patients easy. The solution allows them to remain compliant with medical regulations for video footage retention while maintaining a flexible infrastructure that can handle unlimited cameras and users. Cloud video surveillance is the ideal choice for this multi-site business – offering a scalable and cost-effective solution to support their security, compliance, and operational needs as they continue to grow.

View the Iron County Medical Center Success Story. (PDF 204KB)

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