Custom Surveillance Tower Aids Hostage Negotiation Team

When Corporal Scott Stanton of the Greenville, NC Major Crimes Unit approached Supercircuits to design a solution for his hostage negotiation team (HNT), it was not taken lightly. The demands of a hostage negotiating team - and the equipment they use - are intense. Situations materialize quickly, and tensions are high.

The team must be ready to respond to in a minute’s notice, and their gear has to be dependable and specifically designed for rapid deployment. There is no room for failure, as lives are at risk. Corporal Stanton wanted to design a battery-powered portable surveillance tower, including a PTZ camera and wireless transmission for remote control, video monitoring and recording. The required solution was to be small and light weight, offer at least 100 yard wireless transmission, and designed for rapid deployment. This would allow his team to quickly set up the system and manage the hostage situation from a safe distance.

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