Communication Services of North Texas

CSNT Improves Parking Security for 22 Lots with Video Surveillance

Communication Services of North Texas (CSNT) is a low-voltage solutions provider specializing in video surveillance systems, business telephone systems, burglar alarm systems, access control systems and data cabling systems. CSNT's client operates 22 airport parking lots located around the country. Each lot is equipped with a video surveillance system, with cameras installed primarily in strategic traffic choke points such as exits to deter theft and capture video evidence if theft does occur. The client requires high-resolution imagery capable of capturing license plate numbers, driver features and vehicle conditions.

CSNT was challenged to answer this need as well as create an unified network solution with a central viewing and management station where video from each nation-wide site can be viewed and managed. Utilizing the Reflection software suite by DIGIOP, Inc. CSNT and Supercircuits were able to provide a Windows-based solution with a full range of capabilities.

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