Several years ago, Rainbow Pizza owners, located in Laredo, Texas, became Dominos Pizza franchisees - seeing it as a great opportunity to expand their business within a proven franchise model. The first franchise flourished and soon led to the owners purchasing over a dozen franchise locations across Texas.

As their retail footprint grew, so did the challenge of managing individual traditional security systems at each location. Operational tasks like granting new managers permission to access the system (and network), maintaining firmware on each system, and efficiently viewing locations remotely became tedious and time-consuming.

Their main challenges included:

  • Managing users in a high-turnover business
  • Centralized monitoring and control
  • Hardware and maintenance costs

After considering options from several providers, the owners chose our Cloud Video Surveillance solution because of the simplicity and convenience of its multi-user and multi-site management capabilities. Eight 2MP cloud-enabled dome cameras were installed along with each stores entrances and exits, cash registers, manager’s office, and in the parking lot.

Within a few short months, the owners have already begun seeing significant benefits from their Cloud security solution:

  • Easy-to-Use Multi-User Management
  • Centralized Multi-Site Management
  • Cost-Effective Surveillance

For more information download the Dominos Pizza Case Study.

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