Build Your Own Interview Room System

Follow these steps to choose your own camera, DVR, and monitor, then add an accessory kit to complete your customized interview room solution

1 Select an interview room DVR

Perfect audio/video sync

This may seem obvious, but generally security DVR technology is geared for video, not audio.

Dual offload formats

It’s critical that the DVR supports AVI or WMV offload for easy sharing of video. We recommend that your DVR also supports both DVD and USB offload.

Channel isolation

Make sure that each channel can be activated, stopped, and files exported independently of other channels, regardless of what other functions may be occurring.

2 Choose your cameras

Covert or overt?

Overt cameras mounted near the ceiling are the most common configuration. Covert cameras can make people feel more comfortable, and can be mounted at eye-level to capture facial expressions. Consider using multiple cameras in the room to cover every angle.

Video quality

Higher resolutions, color, low-light capabilities, and anti-image distortion features can all contribute to better, more usable video.

3 Set up a viewing station

Decide where the DVR will be housed and provide a monitor for previewing video and offloading video clips. Control access to the room to maintain the quality of your evidence.

4 Interview Room Switch and Mic Kit

Add an easy-to-set up and use kit to you DVR and camera selections for a complete interview room solution.

Need help?

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